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Net Worth Update: May

You might be thinking why are you still doing this Old School.  I mean, c'mon, you aren't really putting out any groundbreaking content.  You certainly are fresh, and you are not writing with very much passion or frequency.

You would be correct.  I have been pretty lax.  I could lay out a bunch of excuses about how I have been working a full time summer job, and have a bunch of house work, and have a bunch of masters class work...but I won't...oh wait...I guess I just did:)  Oh well.  I'm not stopping because this little blog remains a motivating factor for me.  Whenever I want to spend money on stupid stuff I think of this blog.  Whenever I get tired working my job I think of this blog.  So without further excuses here goes nothing...

Mint says my current net worth is... (admittedly I actually got disconnected due to storms so this a few days even later lol)

-  $113,485.17

That is a change of!!!

- $ 441.52.

Well poop.  That's the wrong way Old School.  Well no )#@*$!…