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Hot Showers are a Luxery!

Today I'm going to bring you another fine lil ditty from my draft folder circa 2015.  I wrote this after running one chilly fall morning.

Brrrr. It's cold outside.  Think 40-50ish degrees fairenhieght with a brisk breeze.  As I stepped into the solace of the school building all I could think about was the warm shower that awaited me.  Nothing is better than a piping hot shower after a long cold run.
I quickly hopped into the shower and was rewarded with a blast of cold water.  Yikes I shouted with gusto.  I quickly retreated and let the shower continue to run while I began brushing my teeth.  After a solid 5 minutes the reality set in....this was going to be one cold morning shower.
Now, I could go into detail about cold shower taking methods here, but I'll spare you the bore.  Let's just say it involves a lot of jumping and screaming.
While gulping down my hot coffee I had time to reflect on that mornings unfortunate events.  I realized that even though it was cold, I …

Goals for the Year 2017

Most people have already made and given up their New Years resolutions by this point...whereas I'm just starting.  Procrastination for the win I suppose.

Financial1. Make an additional 10k of unplanned income: This goal is pretty lofty for our family but with my wife's bonus and my random side hustles I'm aiming to make an extra 10k this year.

2.  Pay our mortgage down below $100,000:  This goal is incredibly unlikely to happen as we sit currently at $148k, but that's no reason we shouldn't try extremely hard to eliminate our arch nemesis!

3.  End the year with 15k in the bank:  Lately we've been waffling between 5 and 15k for our emergency fund.  This is mostly due to us cash flowing my schooling.  Although I won't be done I'm hoping we can find the discipline this year to build up extra cash reserves and keep them:)

4.  Shore up my retirement/estate planning:  This probably means I need to get a will set up and more life insurance...oh and speaking of in…

What is up with all the Whining?

10/2/15.  That is how long ago I began this post.  Admittedly I only got as far as the title.  BUT that is how long I have been thinking about the issue of whining in America.

*And no this post isn't whining about whining, so shove it haters.  It's a rant, and if you think its whining you are probably someone who needs to read and take heart of what I am about to say...

Today more than ever we have an epidemic in America.  The whiner.  The whiner has infected our schools and brought about the downfall of public education.


Well let me tell you.

The whiner is an expert at getting something that he/she does not deserve.  Here is a typical day in the life of a whiny butt student, Winnie.

Winnie the whiner wakes up when he/she feels like.  Winnie slowly drags him/herself to school and enters 1/2 hour late.  Not a problem, Winnie thinks, I'll just go grab my free breakfast and then head to class. 

Winnie enters the lunch room and finds it half full because all the other whi…

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!

That's right long time loyal readers who have been holding out hope that I did not is I! 

Old School.  I would apologize for leaving in such a haste with nary a goodbye but that isn't like me at all.


Old School does not apologize, but he will explain (am I typing in the third person?)  I've really got to stop doing that.

What I went away to do...

Start another money blogStart a fitness blogStart a reselling blogStop bloggingStarted reselling So, yeah.  You could say I have varied interests.
The point is that even with all those other started (and failed) ventures, I still longed for this blog.  A blog where I could let down my hair and tell the world how it really is.  A place where face punching (MMM) is acceptable.  A place where I don't have to be my buttoned up professional self, if such a person even exists.
It's been a over a year since I've written but here I am, back at the keyboard, crackin some knuckles and takin names.  So get ready Am…