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Annual Spending Review (because everyone else is doing it)

If you want to be fast, study sprinters.  If you want to be strong, study strong people.  If you want to be rich, study PF bloggers?  Maybe.  The point that I'm trying to make is that I'm unashamedly copying some other PF bloggers out there (namely MMM) and decided to look back at what I spent in 2014 and on what.  It may not be the best representation and I realize there will be some odds and ends that I have to tie up, but 2014 was the first FULL year of using mint and tracking expenses for the old school family.

Here we go.

HOME: $8,788.00.......Per month: $732.33
Out biggest expense was our house next year.  We are probably not alone and I believe most Americans spend the most money in this category.  We went a little house cray cray last year and slowed down after February.  We just have to keep telling ourselves that projects happen over time, not ALL AT ONCE!

I do expect the total $ to go up on home this year, but that will primary be due to the mortgage and not projects…

Net Worth Update: December Review + New Year Goals

What up, for the first time in 2015!!!!  Comin' atcha' like a freight train, or maybe like a train wreck, is Old School's breakdown of how December went.

First I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and New Year.  I know in the Old School family we kept it pretty lighthearted and fairly non-consumeristic.  I think that even though we do a good job next year I would like to cut out presents all together from most of my family.  I still want to get my mom and dad something, but as for the siblings, cousins, and grandparents we are done.  I don't mind giving small appreciations of our affection that we make, but I personally don't want to receive any food presents next year.  SERIOUSLY!  I probably ate my weight in candy and chocolate and this is not good for my body at all!


Mint says my net worth is currently...

$ -130,673.77

That is a difference from last month of...

+ $819.23

That is not a huge number, but it is a number that is positive and we are he…