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Annual Spending Review

What is up folks?  This is the post where we look back at the past year and see just how much the Old School Family spent.  This will be the second annual spending review so here I will compare 2015 to 2014...pretty cool since I never even used to track expenses.  

EDUCATION: $ 12,695.00... this will not be broken down per month
This is a new category that did not exist in 2014 because I wasn't going to school.  I am proud to say that I am in school now and doing well.  I also didn't technically spend 12k, because some of this was reimbursed, but I will stick with this number because it gives me a big picture idea of what education costs and makes me appreciate it much more.

HOME: $4721.00.......Per month: $ 393.41
This is no longer our biggest expense (education took that cake), but this does not include mortgage payments any longer.  Mint somehow boofoo'd up that and I have no idea where the mortgage payments went (I seriously have been looking and can't find them, but s…