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The "Finished Product"

So often times in life I get extremely focused on a long term goal and the finished result.  It can be a fitness goal, financial goal, spiritual goal, etc...

Last summer it was building our house.  I wanted that house built and I wanted it built fast.  Basement dug.  Good.  Concrete poured.  Great.  Framed and roofed.  Sweet.  Everything was going along splendidly until we hit the dry in stage.  Progress slowed.  I became frustrated and irritated that nothing seemed to be getting done.  My bank account didn't seem to notice that nothing was being done however and we continued to dump loads of cash into the house for materials.

I'm glad I took pictures everyday.  It allowed me to view progress....and not go crazy.

I was suffering from what many Americans suffer from.  I-want-it-now-itis.  Many people (myself included) occasionally have a problem with ignoring the process that is needed to obtain the product or outcome they desire.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins wit…

Combing the Financials

As I sit here this morning, sipping my hot tea in my leather backed dumpster salvaged chair, I realize there is a lot of good and contradicting advice about finance.

There is tons of information on what you should and should not do with your money.  Everyone has an opinion, including myself.  Yahoo finance, MSN money, Mr. Money Mustache,, and many others all have views on what you should do with your cash.  I read a lot of blogs and for the most part they all usually convey the same basic message.  Save more, make more, spend less, invest, and be happy.

GREAT.  GRAND.  B. E. A. UTIFUL!... but what happens when you disagree with the advice given, or maybe even the personal viewpoints behind the advice.  What do you do then?  Do you fire off an angry comment or email?  Do you unsubscribe from their blog never to return and remove the site from your favorites (do people actually use favorites)?

Well here at the old school way of thinking I shun such behavior and t…

Old School Intro

Old School Coinage.  What the heck is this about you might wonder if you stumble across my blog.  Maybe you come here with preconceived notions.  Maybe you think you already know what I'm about.  Oh great.  He is just another personal finance blogger who doesn't take the time to edit his content so there are tons of grammatical errors and run ons and rambling thoughts about how my life sucks and his is awesome and how I can be awesome too if I follow his advice!

WELL LET ME SET YOU STRAIGHT!... except on the grammar thing.  You were dead on about the grammar thing.

I am not just another finance blogger or minimalist or even a very good writer.  I'm just a somewhat normal gentleman who thought my random opinions and societal views would make a good story.  I DO NOT have the patience to write a book, so I thought hey why not write a blog.  Blogs take less time.  I can pick up and leave off when ever and where ever I choose.


As stated above I intend to write and unl…