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Old School Coinage.  What the heck is this about you might wonder if you stumble across my blog.  Maybe you come here with preconceived notions.  Maybe you think you already know what I'm about.  Oh great.  He is just another personal finance blogger who doesn't take the time to edit his content so there are tons of grammatical errors and run ons and rambling thoughts about how my life sucks and his is awesome and how I can be awesome too if I follow his advice!

WELL LET ME SET YOU STRAIGHT!... except on the grammar thing.  You were dead on about the grammar thing.

I am not just another finance blogger or minimalist or even a very good writer.  I'm just a somewhat normal gentleman who thought my random opinions and societal views would make a good story.  I DO NOT have the patience to write a book, so I thought hey why not write a blog.  Blogs take less time.  I can pick up and leave off when ever and where ever I choose.


As stated above I intend to write and unleash some of my thoughts on this blog.  Some will be related to finance.  Some will not.

I am a gentleman.  An old school gentleman with old school thoughts and views mixed with a little spice.  I am not old school like the old guy on your street that yells to keep off his grass and drives slowly in the passing lane.  I am not old school like the movie old school starring Will Farrel.  I am old school in that I believe you get what you pay for.  I am also old school in the fact that I believe a man should hold open the door for a women/gasp/leaving page now! 

If you were offended by that last comment good.  Leave my page and never return...or you can keep reading and maybe find something useful.

The whole point of Old School Coinage is that I believe current American societal views are a little too easy to follow and I want to challenge your way of thinking.  If at the end of reading a blog post you disagree then that is ok, but I want you as a reader to have a better understanding of why you believe what you believe in.  That way you become a more well rounded individual instead of just repeating what you read, watched, or heard.   

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