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Back to School...

...back to school, to prove to dada that I'm no fool.  If you don't recognize that movie line then crank it up on IMDB.  That's right suckas, it is from the one and only Billy Madison.  What gives?

Am I headed back to grade school.  No, even though my maturity level warrants that I probably should be.  What can I say?  I just love a good fart joke.

I am headed back to college!

Photo courtesy Yahoo Images
If you have been reading this blog then that isn't news.  In fact, right now I sit here on campus, waiting for the next class to start because my other class got canceled baby!  My class getting canceled turned out to be a good thing because I was really craving a red bull and cram session (see, I feel collegiate already!).
I digress.  The real reason for this post is to point out how much better of a college student I am the second time around.  
The first time I decided to not go to class.  OFTEN.
I played video games.  OFTEN.
I stayed up late, ate cake, and rarely w…

What if you LOST your two best ASSETS?

Well, another November rolls around and another sad display for the Cowboys.  That is right dear readers, I remain a hopeless fan of the Dallas Cowboys (btw this article is more about football than finance, so you may not enjoy it if you don't like the pigskin antics of the NFL!)

If you don't know, the Cowboys have lost to injury what many consider their two best offensive players in Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

Photo provide by Yahoo Images
So here I sit in my living room, lamenting the fact that we now have to start Brandon Weeden.  Weeden is about as useful as a poopy flavored ice tea...which they make by the way.  As disturbing as that is, I find it much more so that $JMoney can now celebrate since Dallas is out of the divisional picture.  You see, $JMoney is a redskins fan, so he stands to benefit from a Dallas downfall.
Anyway, I got to thinking (which is a dangerous thing).  What would happen if your favorite NFL team lost two of their "star" players?  Could they sur…

Net Worth Update: September

What is up faithful readers of the coinage?  I bring you the earliest net worth update in ages!!!  Why?  How?  Is this real life?  Yes.  The reason this new post is coming at you early is that I have a day off...yay for being a teacher!  Now on to the good stuff...
Mint says that my net worth is 
- $113,096.96
That is a difference from last month of
- $7,516.10
There goes the neighborhood!  Apparently my positive months could not continue as we came to a screeching halt in September.  Why did my net worth go down so much?  Let's take a look at the accounts...
1. Emergency Fund                  $6,966.11                                                                                                
2. Checking                              $359.54
3. Car Account                         $1195.54
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $0.00
5. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $156,692.06
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,629.58
8. My Roth…

My content has been sucking...

Some of you reading this are probably like, "Old School finally came to senses."  He finally realizes that this blog is the equivalent of a dried out turd, old and smelly! 

Ok.  That may have been a bit harsh just now.  I don't think my entire blog has been a waste.  I've actually enjoyed writing and some of my posts are quite good (in this blogger's humble opinion:)

I just haven't had time.  I have a million ideas, a ton of pokers in the fire if you will.  All of these ideas float around my mind and bang off the walls of my brain, never to be conceptualized.  I admit, I usually have an idea and then don't follow through.

Worse is when I do follow through, stick with it for but a fortnight, and then discard it assuming it was a stupid idea.  The idea wasn't stupid though, I just don't stick with things long enough to make them work. 

I guess that is why I'm writing this post.  Even though this blogs state is in a current pile of poop, I'm …