Monday, October 26, 2015

Back to School...

...back to school, to prove to dada that I'm no fool.  If you don't recognize that movie line then crank it up on IMDB.  That's right suckas, it is from the one and only Billy Madison.  What gives?

Am I headed back to grade school.  No, even though my maturity level warrants that I probably should be.  What can I say?  I just love a good fart joke.

I am headed back to college!

Photo courtesy Yahoo Images

If you have been reading this blog then that isn't news.  In fact, right now I sit here on campus, waiting for the next class to start because my other class got canceled baby!  My class getting canceled turned out to be a good thing because I was really craving a red bull and cram session (see, I feel collegiate already!).

I digress.  The real reason for this post is to point out how much better of a college student I am the second time around.  

The first time I decided to not go to class.  OFTEN.

I played video games.  OFTEN.

I stayed up late, ate cake, and rarely worked at a job that paid me money.  OFTEN.

Are you seeing a common theme as to why I wasn't successful.  Yet often (lol), back in the first round of college days for old school I whined.  I whined about how I had to take out student loans, about how I didn't make enough money, and how I was getting poor grades because those big bad professors hated me.

Stupid.  That is what I was.  That is not even an opinion, it is a fact.  Or maybe it is a opinion that is fact.  We call that factinion...or I suppose you call it truth. 

Cue dramatic turn around...aka I got married and my wife whooped my butt into shape.  See, I've never been afraid of hard work, but I never had a purpose or reason to work hard.  

My wife changed all that.  My perspective shifted.  I realized that I had to stop being so selfish, and trust me I still struggle with this daily.  I did, however, begin to think of someone else and realized that I was responsible for the fate of another individual.

SO without further ado here are Old Schools tips to succeeding in college and the ones I'm applying the second time around.

1. Go to class.  OFTEN

2. Study, read, pray.  OFTEN

3. Go to bed early, work hard, and eat healthy.  OFTEN

Hey, wait a second.  That is just the opposite of what you did the first time around.  


I think you can figure how to put 2 and 2 together, you look smart.

OSC out! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

What if you LOST your two best ASSETS?

Well, another November rolls around and another sad display for the Cowboys.  That is right dear readers, I remain a hopeless fan of the Dallas Cowboys (btw this article is more about football than finance, so you may not enjoy it if you don't like the pigskin antics of the NFL!)

If you don't know, the Cowboys have lost to injury what many consider their two best offensive players in Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

Photo provide by Yahoo Images

So here I sit in my living room, lamenting the fact that we now have to start Brandon Weeden.  Weeden is about as useful as a poopy flavored ice tea...which they make by the way.  As disturbing as that is, I find it much more so that $JMoney can now celebrate since Dallas is out of the divisional picture.  You see, $JMoney is a redskins fan, so he stands to benefit from a Dallas downfall.

Anyway, I got to thinking (which is a dangerous thing).  What would happen if your favorite NFL team lost two of their "star" players?  Could they survive and possibly even thrive under such circumstances?  Comments are welcome below.  I have also provided a list (- Dallas) of who I consider two good players on each team to be.

Ravens- Flacco, Steve Smith Sr.
Bengals- The red rocket, AJ Green
Browns- Haden, Barnridge?
Steelers- Bell, Brown

Bears- Forte, Cutler
Lions- Stafford, Johnson
Packers- Rodgers, Nelson
Vikings- Peterson, Bridgewater

Texans- Hopkins, Watt
Colts- Luck, Hilton
Jaguars- Bortles, Yeldon
Titans- Mariota, Walker

Falcons- Ryan, Julio
Panthers- Cam, Olsen
Saints- Brees, Cooks
Buccaneers- Winson, Evans

Bills- Winston, Evans
Dolphins- Landry, Wake
Patriots- Brady, Gronk
Jets- Revis, Marshall

Giants- ODB
Redskins and Eagles (I don't like you so I'm not going to even admit you have good players lol.  And as for the giants, I was pretty much forced to admit ODB jr. is a great talent after he caught that pass on Sunday night against the Cowboys.)

Broncos- Ware, Von-Miller
Chiefs- Charles, Smith
Raiders- Mack, Cooper
Chargers- Rivers, Allen

Cardnials- Palmer, Brown
Niners- Hyde, Someone besides Capernick who is over rated!
Seahawks- Wilson, Chancelor
Rams- Gurley, Someone on Defense 

So there you have it.  A complete list of my opinions based on no actual facts.  

So what is your point...

Well.  Um.  I guess my original thought was what if in the game of investing you lost your two best assets?  Are you diversified enough to survive the loss?  Just something to ask yourself.

*This situation assumes you are losing your two best stocks from a fund, not the entire fund itself...or maybe your two best rental properties, not all of them...etc...  

Have a great weekend and get ready to bundle up.  Winter is on its way.

OSC out.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Net Worth Update: September

What is up faithful readers of the coinage?  I bring you the earliest net worth update in ages!!!  Why?  How?  Is this real life?  Yes.  The reason this new post is coming at you early is that I have a day off...yay for being a teacher!  Now on to the good stuff...

Mint says that my net worth is 

- $113,096.96

That is a difference from last month of

- $7,516.10

There goes the neighborhood!  Apparently my positive months could not continue as we came to a screeching halt in September.  Why did my net worth go down so much?  Let's take a look at the accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $6,966.11                                                                                                
2. Checking                              $359.54
3. Car Account                         $1195.54
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $0.00
5. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $156,692.06
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,629.58
8. My Roth                               $592.25
9. My 403b                               $8,497.45
10. Wife's Car                           $7,129.00
11. My Car                               $2,218.00

You will notice that our savings account took a hit.  The main reason that we took some of that cash out is that we caught up our credit cards completely (aka paid em all down baby!) and now we are not using them again.  What???  What about all the "free points and miles and perks".  You are totally missing out Old School.  Well guess what?

I tried credit cards and decided they weren't for me.  There is something about parting with cash versus parting with plastic that resonates with me.  I prefer to use cash because it hurts more and I spend less.  Some financial bloggers (actually most:) can use a card just fine, but not I...and that is just the cold hard truth.

I probably fall under the statistic that states you spend 12% more when you use now I use cash.  It has been working out pretty well for the past month.  

Let's take a look at the other goals that I started at the beginning of this year...


1. Read ten books before the end of this year: 3/10 No progress once again...yikes!  I thought this goal was going to be easy when I started but now I don't know if I will hit it or not.  

2. Savings: Down to 6k!  So we dropped about 1.5k or so, but we are all caught up with our credit cards, and we are building it back up.  We hope to see some improvement this next month and I'm really happy our car fund has been steadily rising.  We also paid for some tires and wheels for my car which means it is winter ready!

3. Retirement: Nothing of real interest to report here...I just keep plugging along as does the wife.  Gotta save money to make money!

4. Masters: I just keep on studying and going to class...the key is to attend class lol (maybe I will write about the mistakes I made the first go-round).

5. Devotions: Awww jeez....I really need to read the bible more often, and why does it seem like this always gets pushed to the last priority instead of being the first?  As Charles Barkley would tell me...tuerrble just teurrble.

6. Blog Posting: Got this one in on time and without a hitch (eh, better knock on some wood)... but that is all for now and have a great day boys and girls.

Old School Out.

* BTW, if you get a chance check out my twitter feed and follow me for updates...if you are into that sort of thing...there will also be annoying cat and dog pictures there that won't necessarily be on this blog.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My content has been sucking...

Some of you reading this are probably like, "Old School finally came to senses."  He finally realizes that this blog is the equivalent of a dried out turd, old and smelly! 

Ok.  That may have been a bit harsh just now.  I don't think my entire blog has been a waste.  I've actually enjoyed writing and some of my posts are quite good (in this blogger's humble opinion:)

I just haven't had time.  I have a million ideas, a ton of pokers in the fire if you will.  All of these ideas float around my mind and bang off the walls of my brain, never to be conceptualized.  I admit, I usually have an idea and then don't follow through.

Worse is when I do follow through, stick with it for but a fortnight, and then discard it assuming it was a stupid idea.  The idea wasn't stupid though, I just don't stick with things long enough to make them work. 

I guess that is why I'm writing this post.  Even though this blogs state is in a current pile of poop, I'm going to keep writing.  I will stick with this.  I will not give up.  Sometimes you just have to take a break from ideas, step back, and then try again with a renewed perspective. 

A good example of this is J Moneys side hustle series.  I pledged to start making money on Craigslist many months ago.  I took the business approach and attempted to buy low, sell high, and turn a profit.

Can this approach be done.  Yes!  By me?  Not so much;)  I consider myself a good salesman...but I just wasn't willing to put in the time to study the market trends, be patient to buy the right products, and then post multiple times on CL or ebay.  So I quit...

Fast forward to today.  Due to a party we are having in October, (October came fast!), I am decluttering the basement.  I figured, what the hey I'll snap a couple photos of some of this junk and throw it up on CL.

Low and behold, someone else was interested in my junk!  I've already sold one item for $10.00...woo hoo!  I didn't even have to make an extra trip to sell, it was on my way home from work.  So I'm +10 bucks and - junk.  Win win.  The guy I sold to got a really good deal on a barely used tool.  Win win win.

In fact, I'm probably going to sell another item this Saturday for 50.00 or whatever the guy/gal offers me within reason.

Why is the CL working for me now and not earlier.  It could be a number of things.  I'm not desperate anymore or trying really ever smell a desperate salesman (they smell bad).  It could be that my postings have gotten better or maybe I just got lucky.

I don't really care.  I making those phat stacks baby!  Well, at least a little extra cash anyway. 

You may ask what is your point Old suckered me in here telling me your content sucked, and then you flip the script, what gives?

I don't really know.  That is my point.  I don't know the direction this blog is headed, I don't know the direction I'm headed, and I really don't know where I will end up.

One thing I do know is that I think I'm going to keep writing though.

I kind of like it and I hope you do to.


OSC out.