What if you LOST your two best ASSETS?

Well, another November rolls around and another sad display for the Cowboys.  That is right dear readers, I remain a hopeless fan of the Dallas Cowboys (btw this article is more about football than finance, so you may not enjoy it if you don't like the pigskin antics of the NFL!)

If you don't know, the Cowboys have lost to injury what many consider their two best offensive players in Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

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So here I sit in my living room, lamenting the fact that we now have to start Brandon Weeden.  Weeden is about as useful as a poopy flavored ice tea...which they make by the way.  As disturbing as that is, I find it much more so that $JMoney can now celebrate since Dallas is out of the divisional picture.  You see, $JMoney is a redskins fan, so he stands to benefit from a Dallas downfall.

Anyway, I got to thinking (which is a dangerous thing).  What would happen if your favorite NFL team lost two of their "star" players?  Could they survive and possibly even thrive under such circumstances?  Comments are welcome below.  I have also provided a list (- Dallas) of who I consider two good players on each team to be.

Ravens- Flacco, Steve Smith Sr.
Bengals- The red rocket, AJ Green
Browns- Haden, Barnridge?
Steelers- Bell, Brown

Bears- Forte, Cutler
Lions- Stafford, Johnson
Packers- Rodgers, Nelson
Vikings- Peterson, Bridgewater

Texans- Hopkins, Watt
Colts- Luck, Hilton
Jaguars- Bortles, Yeldon
Titans- Mariota, Walker

Falcons- Ryan, Julio
Panthers- Cam, Olsen
Saints- Brees, Cooks
Buccaneers- Winson, Evans

Bills- Winston, Evans
Dolphins- Landry, Wake
Patriots- Brady, Gronk
Jets- Revis, Marshall

Giants- ODB
Redskins and Eagles (I don't like you so I'm not going to even admit you have good players lol.  And as for the giants, I was pretty much forced to admit ODB jr. is a great talent after he caught that pass on Sunday night against the Cowboys.)

Broncos- Ware, Von-Miller
Chiefs- Charles, Smith
Raiders- Mack, Cooper
Chargers- Rivers, Allen

Cardnials- Palmer, Brown
Niners- Hyde, Someone besides Capernick who is over rated!
Seahawks- Wilson, Chancelor
Rams- Gurley, Someone on Defense 

So there you have it.  A complete list of my opinions based on no actual facts.  

So what is your point...

Well.  Um.  I guess my original thought was what if in the game of investing you lost your two best assets?  Are you diversified enough to survive the loss?  Just something to ask yourself.

*This situation assumes you are losing your two best stocks from a fund, not the entire fund itself...or maybe your two best rental properties, not all of them...etc...  

Have a great weekend and get ready to bundle up.  Winter is on its way.

OSC out.


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