Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Net Worth Update: December + the Year in Review!

Merry Christmas everybody....whats that?  I missed Christmas already...well then...HAPPY NEW YEAR...wait, we aren't there quite yet.

Ummm....Happy time in between Christmas and New Year when everyone and their pet roosters go shopping.  I kid you not about the rooster.  I saw it sitting on some guys shoulder when we were out shopping.

Lets look at that net worth from December!

- $106,650.04

That is a difference from November of...

+ $3972.28

It is always fun to end the year on a positive note and we managed to do just that.  We celebrated our anniversary in December and my wife's birthday by going to a Bulls game in Chicago.  The whole experience was about $400.00 including tickets, gas, food, a hotel, and a very nice breakfast.  We were going to spend some more time, but lost interest when the weather turned sour and my wife became slightly sick.

Oh well.  Not the most frugal experience, but we did get to see a great game which went into FOUR overtimes!  Too bad the bulls lost.

On to the yearly GOALS from last December that I did I do?  

PASS: 1. Get accepted into masters program and apply like crazy for scholarships, grants, and tuition assistance!   CHECK!  I got into a masters program and received a few scholarships.

FAIL: 2. Begin to learn another language, probably mandarin. - No bueno.  I failed pretty hard here, in fact I didn't even come close.  Probably spent a total of twenty minutes out of the year working on the goal lol.  Apparently you can't learn a language in twenty minutes, who knew?

FAIL: 3. Pay down the mortgage to $140,000. - I can say this was a definite FAIL. We are currently at  $156,135.96.  We started the year at $161, we paid off $5123.92...bleh.  That sucks, especially since we pay about 1200 a month for our payment.  1200 a month is we paid about $9300 in taxes and insurance and pmi and interest.  YUCK.  We also stopped paying extra these past couple of months to try and increase our savings.  We hope by March of 16' to start paying extra again.  The mortgage is our single greatest enemy currently.

PASS: 4. Contribute at least $3600.00 to my 403b and $2600.00 to my wife's 401k.- I know that we met this goal, however I don't have a good tab on exactly how much we met it it is safe to assume that I want to do a better job in 2016 of knowing exactly how much we are saving for retirement...goals will be coming in another post (if I continue to write that is).

FAIL: 5. Don't go overboard on house expenditures: I know where we spent money in house expenditures this year and it was crappy...literally.  We had some sewage system stinkiness when a float went out which caused our circuit to trip and the alarm failed to go off.  This caused our motor to fail.  We also had a water tank bladder explode.  What a year!  I also went in with my day on a $3000 mower ($1500 a piece) which may seem like a waste to most of you.  I have two acres of land however, so the time that bad boy saves me is well worth it.  I can cut the lawn in 1.5 hours, where as with the old mower it was about the time saved was well worth the money IMO.

FAIL: 6. Use my 1k in my flex spending: I did not use 1k, but I did use about $800.  Lesson learned, and I will not be contributing to my flex this year, since I still have $500 that rolls over.

PASS: 7. Love my wife and the Lord more: I know this goal is mostly subjective, but I am giving myself a pass.  I could ask my wife, but who has time for that? (lol).  I have definitely become a more compassionate person in 2015 and look to continue that trend into 2016.  I really love the Lord and have gotten back into a relationship with him this past year, which has been great.  Previously in 2014 I really felt as if my heart had been hardened but now I feel a peace that I haven't felt since my early twenties.

FAIL: 8. Read at least 10 non-fiction books. I only made it through about 4...and this was way tougher than I thought.  I figured I would just read about thirty minutes every night before bed like I used to do in college, wrongo!  Youtube, blog reading, name it I probably put it ahead of reading. 

FAIL: 9. Run a marathon: Nope.  Not even fact I probably ran less miles than the year before.  I instead started a jump program which I am still doing and got back into lifting.  Kind of weird how my fitness goals changed.  I also still run a little with my dog and take her on daily walks.

PASS: 10. Continue this blog for the entire year with at least one post per month: I am proud that I completed this goal.  This blog does not make any money, and I write only because I enjoy it and enjoy looking back on what I have accomplished.  To continue writing and continue this project which I started a few years ago means a lot to me.  I want to thank everyone for their support and for reading.

YEARLY RESULT: 4/10.  For those who struggle with math that is a 40%.  Even though I scored 40% for the year I feel really good about 2015.  I look back at where I started and I know that the Old School family has come a long way.

In conclusion (sorry for the long post!) 2016 will see improvement...

or reduced expectations;)

OSC out.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Net Worth Update: November

This post is going to be short and sweet, and late.  Very, very late.  Needless to say I was pretty busy during November.  I was writing finals, taking finals, and planning out my 5th year anniversary trip among a host of many other tasks.

In October we saw a net worth of... 

- $111,361.71

My net worth for November was...

- $110,622.32

That is a difference of...

+ $ 739.39

This is normally the part of the post where we take a look at the amount of money in each account.  I will not be doing that this month due to being so late in the posting that the data I get from Mint would not provide a very accurate picture of where we were in November.  We will take a look at the goals though.


1. Read ten books by the end of this year: 4/10.  This past month I read a Tom Clancy novel.  I really enjoy Clancy novels and anytime I get my hands on one usually read it within two weeks, no matter how busy I am.

2. Savings: Got the savings up to 8k.  Still got about 7k to go until we are finished with our goal.

3. Retirement: A bit of exciting news here, as my insurance agent called and said that my school is now going to be offering a 403b plan through VANGUARD!!!  whoop whoop.  Not only that, but once I start regularly investing in this plan it will drop my insurance by 6% annually, and the fees with vanguard are WAY lower than what I am currently paying.  The only thing that worries me is the tax implications of rolling my current funds (ie...can I do this without a penalty yada yada yada).  

4. Masters: Finished with three more classes, got all A's!!!  I guess even the professors aren't immune to bribery (lol jkjk).  Now I just have to apply for tuition reimbursement.  I am hoping it isn't too late, because the grades just posted yesterday (December 22nd), so I'm really scrambling to get the paperwork into our district office.

5. Devotions: Well it is official, I am not doing so well in this area of my life.  I have been listening to a bunch of faith based podcasts, but I can't seem to force myself to sit down and crank out a page worth of verses each day.  I really need to make this a top priority in 2015 2016.  

6. Blog Posting:  Made it again just under the wire.  The next post will be coming much sooner.  It has been quite a year so far, and I have to say I am really thankful.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I really enjoy being able to celebrate it in a country as great as ours.  I truly feel content in my life and I wish that everyone who reads this feels the same way.

Later gators

Old School Coinage

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Net Worth Update: October

I must admit, dear readers, that I almost didn't write this update.  In fact, I almost didn't write anything.  I kind of felt like walking away.  School, work, and the daily stresses almost had me hanging up the keyboard.  Instead I decided to keep going.  I mean, I've only been at this for a little over a year and I figure I have at least forty left in me (that is a joke, there is no way I actually have forty years left in me).

SO without further procrastination...

Mint says my current net worth is...

- $111,361.71

That is a difference of...

+ $ 1735.25

After posting a huge negative jump last month we improve almost 2k this month.  Not too shabby.  Lets take a look at those accounts to see what's crackin.

1. Emergency Fund                 $7,467.31                                                                                                
2. Checking                             $1471.16
3. Car Account                        $1370.70
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  -$0.00
5. Wife's Card                        -$0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $156,410.14
7. Wife's 401k                         $16,735.74
8. My Roth                               $607.37
9. My 403b                               $8,912.44
10. Wife's Car                         $7,129.00
11. My Car                               $2,218.00

We managed to save money during the month of October even though we dropped nearly 1k on new tires and wheels for my car.  You might wonder why I did this...I mean my car is barley worth 2k so why would I pour almost fifty percent of its value into making it run reliably.  Well I fully believe that the cheapest car to own is the cheapest car you own.  

In other words I don't want to spend the time shopping around.  My old wheels were alloy (new ones are steel) and they developed a leek around the seal.  Last winter I spent half my time driving, and half filling up leaking tires.  ANNOYING!  The wheels had corroded so badly that cleaning and resealing the wheels did not work.  So this year I broke down and bought new steel wheels and tires.  I hope that this winter, and the lack of time I spend airing up my tires, justifies my purchase.

Another big reason we didn't go car shopping is that WE CAN'T AFFORD IT!  Sure, we could probably get a car payment if we wanted, but we never want that again.  Ever.  For any freaking reason.  We only have $1300 saved so far to replace our car, and I don't want to buy a $1300 dollar car if I can avoid it.


1. Read ten books by the end of this year: 3/10.  Another month creeps by and yet no books read.  I did recently receive a copy of the legacy journey and I am currently reading that.  I blame youtube for my failure though.  Darn those funny cat videos.

2. Savings: Back up to 7k.  Still got about 8k to go until we are finished with our goal.

3. Retirement: I think that I am going to not invest in an FSA this year since I barely used it this past year.  I probably will take that money and instead divert it to my 403b.  It will pretty much have the same tax implications and I will be investing more which will be a plus.

4. Masters: I just finished up two more classes and the grades are pending.  I hope the profs got the attached fifty dollar bills on my finals;)  jkjk.  Now onto one more class and I will be done for the year.

5. Devotions: I would like to report that I have been doing these faithfully, but I haven't...but I have picked it up in the month of November and will likely has a positive report next blog posting.

6. Blog Posting:  Well despite the fact that this post almost didn't exist, here it is.  Even though I've felt pretty down lately, and I have been failing at my goals I refuse to quit.  I think it was Lombardi that said a man who refuses to quit is never defeated, but I'm not really for sure.  I also don't really want to look it up...

So that is your homework for the week.  Look up that quote, memorize that quote, and execute on that quote.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Back to School...

...back to school, to prove to dada that I'm no fool.  If you don't recognize that movie line then crank it up on IMDB.  That's right suckas, it is from the one and only Billy Madison.  What gives?

Am I headed back to grade school.  No, even though my maturity level warrants that I probably should be.  What can I say?  I just love a good fart joke.

I am headed back to college!

Photo courtesy Yahoo Images

If you have been reading this blog then that isn't news.  In fact, right now I sit here on campus, waiting for the next class to start because my other class got canceled baby!  My class getting canceled turned out to be a good thing because I was really craving a red bull and cram session (see, I feel collegiate already!).

I digress.  The real reason for this post is to point out how much better of a college student I am the second time around.  

The first time I decided to not go to class.  OFTEN.

I played video games.  OFTEN.

I stayed up late, ate cake, and rarely worked at a job that paid me money.  OFTEN.

Are you seeing a common theme as to why I wasn't successful.  Yet often (lol), back in the first round of college days for old school I whined.  I whined about how I had to take out student loans, about how I didn't make enough money, and how I was getting poor grades because those big bad professors hated me.

Stupid.  That is what I was.  That is not even an opinion, it is a fact.  Or maybe it is a opinion that is fact.  We call that factinion...or I suppose you call it truth. 

Cue dramatic turn around...aka I got married and my wife whooped my butt into shape.  See, I've never been afraid of hard work, but I never had a purpose or reason to work hard.  

My wife changed all that.  My perspective shifted.  I realized that I had to stop being so selfish, and trust me I still struggle with this daily.  I did, however, begin to think of someone else and realized that I was responsible for the fate of another individual.

SO without further ado here are Old Schools tips to succeeding in college and the ones I'm applying the second time around.

1. Go to class.  OFTEN

2. Study, read, pray.  OFTEN

3. Go to bed early, work hard, and eat healthy.  OFTEN

Hey, wait a second.  That is just the opposite of what you did the first time around.  


I think you can figure how to put 2 and 2 together, you look smart.

OSC out! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

What if you LOST your two best ASSETS?

Well, another November rolls around and another sad display for the Cowboys.  That is right dear readers, I remain a hopeless fan of the Dallas Cowboys (btw this article is more about football than finance, so you may not enjoy it if you don't like the pigskin antics of the NFL!)

If you don't know, the Cowboys have lost to injury what many consider their two best offensive players in Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

Photo provide by Yahoo Images

So here I sit in my living room, lamenting the fact that we now have to start Brandon Weeden.  Weeden is about as useful as a poopy flavored ice tea...which they make by the way.  As disturbing as that is, I find it much more so that $JMoney can now celebrate since Dallas is out of the divisional picture.  You see, $JMoney is a redskins fan, so he stands to benefit from a Dallas downfall.

Anyway, I got to thinking (which is a dangerous thing).  What would happen if your favorite NFL team lost two of their "star" players?  Could they survive and possibly even thrive under such circumstances?  Comments are welcome below.  I have also provided a list (- Dallas) of who I consider two good players on each team to be.

Ravens- Flacco, Steve Smith Sr.
Bengals- The red rocket, AJ Green
Browns- Haden, Barnridge?
Steelers- Bell, Brown

Bears- Forte, Cutler
Lions- Stafford, Johnson
Packers- Rodgers, Nelson
Vikings- Peterson, Bridgewater

Texans- Hopkins, Watt
Colts- Luck, Hilton
Jaguars- Bortles, Yeldon
Titans- Mariota, Walker

Falcons- Ryan, Julio
Panthers- Cam, Olsen
Saints- Brees, Cooks
Buccaneers- Winson, Evans

Bills- Winston, Evans
Dolphins- Landry, Wake
Patriots- Brady, Gronk
Jets- Revis, Marshall

Giants- ODB
Redskins and Eagles (I don't like you so I'm not going to even admit you have good players lol.  And as for the giants, I was pretty much forced to admit ODB jr. is a great talent after he caught that pass on Sunday night against the Cowboys.)

Broncos- Ware, Von-Miller
Chiefs- Charles, Smith
Raiders- Mack, Cooper
Chargers- Rivers, Allen

Cardnials- Palmer, Brown
Niners- Hyde, Someone besides Capernick who is over rated!
Seahawks- Wilson, Chancelor
Rams- Gurley, Someone on Defense 

So there you have it.  A complete list of my opinions based on no actual facts.  

So what is your point...

Well.  Um.  I guess my original thought was what if in the game of investing you lost your two best assets?  Are you diversified enough to survive the loss?  Just something to ask yourself.

*This situation assumes you are losing your two best stocks from a fund, not the entire fund itself...or maybe your two best rental properties, not all of them...etc...  

Have a great weekend and get ready to bundle up.  Winter is on its way.

OSC out.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Net Worth Update: September

What is up faithful readers of the coinage?  I bring you the earliest net worth update in ages!!!  Why?  How?  Is this real life?  Yes.  The reason this new post is coming at you early is that I have a day off...yay for being a teacher!  Now on to the good stuff...

Mint says that my net worth is 

- $113,096.96

That is a difference from last month of

- $7,516.10

There goes the neighborhood!  Apparently my positive months could not continue as we came to a screeching halt in September.  Why did my net worth go down so much?  Let's take a look at the accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $6,966.11                                                                                                
2. Checking                              $359.54
3. Car Account                         $1195.54
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $0.00
5. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $156,692.06
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,629.58
8. My Roth                               $592.25
9. My 403b                               $8,497.45
10. Wife's Car                           $7,129.00
11. My Car                               $2,218.00

You will notice that our savings account took a hit.  The main reason that we took some of that cash out is that we caught up our credit cards completely (aka paid em all down baby!) and now we are not using them again.  What???  What about all the "free points and miles and perks".  You are totally missing out Old School.  Well guess what?

I tried credit cards and decided they weren't for me.  There is something about parting with cash versus parting with plastic that resonates with me.  I prefer to use cash because it hurts more and I spend less.  Some financial bloggers (actually most:) can use a card just fine, but not I...and that is just the cold hard truth.

I probably fall under the statistic that states you spend 12% more when you use now I use cash.  It has been working out pretty well for the past month.  

Let's take a look at the other goals that I started at the beginning of this year...


1. Read ten books before the end of this year: 3/10 No progress once again...yikes!  I thought this goal was going to be easy when I started but now I don't know if I will hit it or not.  

2. Savings: Down to 6k!  So we dropped about 1.5k or so, but we are all caught up with our credit cards, and we are building it back up.  We hope to see some improvement this next month and I'm really happy our car fund has been steadily rising.  We also paid for some tires and wheels for my car which means it is winter ready!

3. Retirement: Nothing of real interest to report here...I just keep plugging along as does the wife.  Gotta save money to make money!

4. Masters: I just keep on studying and going to class...the key is to attend class lol (maybe I will write about the mistakes I made the first go-round).

5. Devotions: Awww jeez....I really need to read the bible more often, and why does it seem like this always gets pushed to the last priority instead of being the first?  As Charles Barkley would tell me...tuerrble just teurrble.

6. Blog Posting: Got this one in on time and without a hitch (eh, better knock on some wood)... but that is all for now and have a great day boys and girls.

Old School Out.

* BTW, if you get a chance check out my twitter feed and follow me for updates...if you are into that sort of thing...there will also be annoying cat and dog pictures there that won't necessarily be on this blog.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My content has been sucking...

Some of you reading this are probably like, "Old School finally came to senses."  He finally realizes that this blog is the equivalent of a dried out turd, old and smelly! 

Ok.  That may have been a bit harsh just now.  I don't think my entire blog has been a waste.  I've actually enjoyed writing and some of my posts are quite good (in this blogger's humble opinion:)

I just haven't had time.  I have a million ideas, a ton of pokers in the fire if you will.  All of these ideas float around my mind and bang off the walls of my brain, never to be conceptualized.  I admit, I usually have an idea and then don't follow through.

Worse is when I do follow through, stick with it for but a fortnight, and then discard it assuming it was a stupid idea.  The idea wasn't stupid though, I just don't stick with things long enough to make them work. 

I guess that is why I'm writing this post.  Even though this blogs state is in a current pile of poop, I'm going to keep writing.  I will stick with this.  I will not give up.  Sometimes you just have to take a break from ideas, step back, and then try again with a renewed perspective. 

A good example of this is J Moneys side hustle series.  I pledged to start making money on Craigslist many months ago.  I took the business approach and attempted to buy low, sell high, and turn a profit.

Can this approach be done.  Yes!  By me?  Not so much;)  I consider myself a good salesman...but I just wasn't willing to put in the time to study the market trends, be patient to buy the right products, and then post multiple times on CL or ebay.  So I quit...

Fast forward to today.  Due to a party we are having in October, (October came fast!), I am decluttering the basement.  I figured, what the hey I'll snap a couple photos of some of this junk and throw it up on CL.

Low and behold, someone else was interested in my junk!  I've already sold one item for $10.00...woo hoo!  I didn't even have to make an extra trip to sell, it was on my way home from work.  So I'm +10 bucks and - junk.  Win win.  The guy I sold to got a really good deal on a barely used tool.  Win win win.

In fact, I'm probably going to sell another item this Saturday for 50.00 or whatever the guy/gal offers me within reason.

Why is the CL working for me now and not earlier.  It could be a number of things.  I'm not desperate anymore or trying really ever smell a desperate salesman (they smell bad).  It could be that my postings have gotten better or maybe I just got lucky.

I don't really care.  I making those phat stacks baby!  Well, at least a little extra cash anyway. 

You may ask what is your point Old suckered me in here telling me your content sucked, and then you flip the script, what gives?

I don't really know.  That is my point.  I don't know the direction this blog is headed, I don't know the direction I'm headed, and I really don't know where I will end up.

One thing I do know is that I think I'm going to keep writing though.

I kind of like it and I hope you do to.


OSC out.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Net Worth Update: August

Once again another month passes too quickly and once again here I am making excuses...I mean shoot!  I didn't even roll out this net worth update on the 15th like normal... I waited until the freaking 20th!  That is pretty bad lol...but as my father-in-law says "Oh well."

So crank up the phantom of the opera (what I am indulging in right now) and lets navigate some numbers.

Mint says that my net worth in August was...

- $105,580.86

This is a difference of...

+ $4556.86

Hot dang...another positive month.  This surely isn't sustainable:0  I will take it though.  I have noticed a sever change in our spending patterns, and def. for the positive.  Using cash for our problem areas really does help!

Lets get a closer look at our accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $8,629.86                                                                                                
2. Checking                              $369.39 
3. Car Account                         $1090.41
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $29.99
5. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $156,973.05
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,411.62
8. My Roth                               $526.41
9. My 403b                               $8,147.23
10. Wife's Car                           $7,129.00
11. My Car                               $2,218.00

We keep steadily adding to our car account.  Hopefully we can save up enough to buy a decent car before my car craps out and Lord willing my car won't crap out for quite some time (hope I didn't just jinx myself there!)

You will notice that I actually did adjust our car values so they are accurate and as usual they dropped.  The reason we were able to post another positive month is also due to the fact that we received some tuition reimbursement from my school.  Schaaaaweet!  

Let us see how we did on our goals...


1. Read ten books before the end of the year: 3/10  Well I thought this was going to change but those books I had almost finished...still at the same place lol.  I have a problem with starting new books before the old ones are finished.  I need the power of FOCUS or rather I need to harness the power of focus...squirrel!

2. Savings: Back up to 8k in the bizank!  But this will change as I have to pay tuition again, and then I get reimbursed pending grades, so this is going to be a roller coaster for a while. 

3. Retirement: I readjusted our balances on our retirement accounts so we are good to go for another year.  Feels good to get this done.

4. Masters: Welp another two classes down and somehow another two A' my professors really grade my stuff or do they just feel bad for me...oh well!  I'll take it and I'll keep working hard for dem A's!

5. Devotions: I still listen to a podcast sermon about five times a week, but I have been slacking lately in my reading of the bible.  I need to make sure to continue as this is the bedrock for my faith and life.

6. Blog Posting: Got another one down.  I have been jotting down some blog ideas lately, and saving them in drafts.  I am hoping that by doing this I can up my writing, but I'm still pretty crazy busy with school and work so we shall see what happens.  As for me I got some dubstep to listen to...catch you all on the flip side of the coinage.

OSC out!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

40 ways we save money!

Figured I would switch it up today and instead of writing about net worth I'm going to write about ways the Old School family saves money.  Why only 40 ways?  Well this is actually the 40th post here at Old School Coinage!  Although we haven't exactly been frugal lately, I have a few tips on how to save some cash and help you hit your goals faster.  Without further ado...

40 ways to save some coinage
  1. No gym membership (run outside and do exercise videos inside)
  2. Only do DIY when we actually can do DIY (no plumbing for us)
  3. Work together on the budget (united we stand)
  4. No Cable or Satellite
  5. Not upgrading our phones every year, or two years...or three years
  6. Cash flowing instead of financing
  7. Starting a garden
  8. Doing basic house maintenance
  9. Regularly maintaining our cars
  10. Keeping our "starter" furniture
  11. Not following HGTV trends in decorations (they will just be outdated soon anyway)
  12. Buying used when needed
  13. Buying new when needed
  14. Not being cheap
  15. Splitting meals 
  16. Building a "starter home" and being content with what some consider a small house
  17. Being content
  18. Regularly talking about finance
  19. Regularly listening and consuming financial information
  20. Library
  21. Keeping the thermostat at a reasonable level (not super low or super high)
  22. Unplugging anything that isn't in use
  23. Using "walmart sacks" for garbage sacks in our bathroom trash cans
  24. Costco
  25. Not going overboard at Costco
  26. Having a grocery plan
  27. Having a budget
  28. Having one bank account with my spouse
  29. Paying extra on our mortgage
  30. Having similar goals and dreams (our family works together)
  31. Making my own coffee every morning (tastes better anyway)
  32. Putting our bills on auto pilot (no late fees this way)
  33. Car Pooling
  34. Not making unnecessary trips
  35. Paid off the car asap (not getting another car loan, ever!)
  36. Paid off the student loans asap
  37. Not hiring a maid (for some reason a bunch of people in our area have been)
  38. Not going to movies and waiting to rent or for Netflix to pick up the movie
  39. Using LED lightbulbs
  40. Borrowing tools instead of buying (although I still like to buy:)
As you can see there are many generic things that we do on this list and some weird things we do on this list. We aren't the best at saving money and we really need to focus on trimming our outgo, but we keep trying!  The important thing for anyone is to remember to never give up.  You may have had a bad day yesterday, but today is a new one, so get out there and save some cash!

Old School Out

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Net Worth Update: July

So here we are again faithful readers, or whoever out there stumbled onto this website.  Maybe it's just people practicing their english?  Well jokes on them,cause my site is filled with fragments, run-ons, terrible jokes, and poorly written content!

But just in case you happen to still care what is going on in the Old School abode lets break out some numbers.

Mint says my current net worth is...

- $110,137.72

That is a difference of....

+ $4,077.22!

What up baby!  We blew July out of the water. I came in like a wrecking ball, um er, wait that doesn't mean what it used to mean.  Thanks a lot Cyrus.

How did we do it?  Well we did get a little bit of money in inheritance.  We also got paid from my summer job finally although now it is over and I am preparing to head back for another school year.

Here is a breakdown of our accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $6,809.67                                                                                               
2. Checking                              $410.21
3. Car Account                         $880.29
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $743.76
5. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $157,253.10
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,755.86
8. My Roth                               $507.57
9. My 403b                               $8,180.31
10. Wife's Car                           $9,222.00
11. My Car                               $2,500.00

   *It should be noted that the value on our vehicles is incorrect, and I need to adjust this...but you all know by this point where that lies on my list of priorities.  (If you didn't it lies right below visiting the dentist and right above going to the doctor).

We had a better month overall.  Currently our savings got boosted back up, but it will probably be in a state of flux over the next four years due to us cash flowing my masters program.  Student's gotta study!  (Man that sounded so much cooler in my head)


1. Read ten books before the end of the year: 3/10  I am currently still on 3/10 but that will change with August's review because I am nearing the end of a couple of books.  I will update this goal then.

2. Savings: Back up to 6k in the bizank!  But this will change as I have to pay tuition again, and then I get reimbursed pending grades, so this is going to be a roller coaster for a while. 

3. IMRF: Um yeah, still haven't done a dang thing here...maybe August?

4. Masters: Man, this summer has gone crazy fast.  I am almost done with two more classes and currently in a super hard class, so hopefully I do ok in that one.  Fingers crossed!

5. Devotions: More podcasts and more reading of my devotions have def changed my attitude.  I've got to keep this a top priority in my life.

6. Blog Posting: Another one down, I'm going to stay on top of this as best I can.  I will get tired ocassionaly from all the paper writing, so it seems that the last thing I want to do is write some more.  I also know that if I keep writing it keeps me focused and disciplined and this is a good thing.  Welp, see you guys later.

School is almost back in session!    

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Net Worth Update: Junky June

Ah, well if you haven't gotten used to my late postings yet then you never will.  I figure that if I postpone my pathetic post long enough then it will pretty perfectly line up with the period that I predicted since the beginning.  Tongue tied?  Confused?  So am I.  Lets get down to Junky June...

Mint says that my net worth in June was....

- $ 114, 214.94

That is a difference of...

- $ 729.77

Oh no.  Quick.  Someone telephone the president and tell him we have an emergency.  Our company has posted in the red the last two months.  What the H to the E to the C to the K is going one here?  I actually am the reason we failed hardcore in June.  I admit, I have a problem with gas stations.  I spent a crud ridonkulous amount of money at Casey's this past month.  Dang you two slices of pizza and a "free" thirty two ounce pop!

The point is that I lost sight of my goal.  I forgot about what I'm really working towards here which is financial independence.  Financial independence for our family means paying off the blasted mortgage.  Every dollar I spend on junk food at Casey's is a dollar I don't have to throw at the mortgage.  This realization doesn't usually sink in until I have just eaten a half dozen doughnuts.

I think that July will yield a different story however, but I'll leave that to July.  First lets go to the books and review the accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $4,693,96                                                                                                
2. Checking                              $1,925.82 
3. Car Account                         $740.19
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $241.81
5. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $157,831.23
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,805.79
8. My Roth                               $513.72
9. My 403b                               $8,011.74
10. Wife's Car                           $9,222.00
11. My Car                               $2,500.00

You will notice that we keep adding to a car account.  This is for when my trusty car eventually bites it, which we hope is not for another four years.  I hate to write that because I probably just jinxed myself, but all we can do is drive less and keep maintenance up.  

You may also notice that our emergency fund is a shell of what it once was.  Well where the frick is all that money going.  Did I buy an ATV?  I wish that it was something that exciting.  We have been cash flowing my masters degree and hopefully I will get reimbursed by my school for the classes I have been taking.


1. Read ten books before end of year - 2/10 3/10.  That's right suckkas!  I read a full text book during the month of June.  Probably the first time I have ever read an entire text book too:)  I just feel smarter now, kinda, um well, ok don't push it.

2. Savings - Well obviously we have been going backwards on this goal since I started school.  I just hope that I get reimbursed soon because I don't want to dip too much lower:(

3. IMRF - I still haven't done anything with my IMRF or even my 403b/wife's 401k.  I need to set up an investing hour each week or so to look over my options and choices and maybe two hours this week to adjust my balance and what not.

4. Masters - The goal where I have been keeping up.  I recently completed two classes, received two A's, and started two more classes.  Summer mini-mesters....AHHHHHH!!!!  I thank God and my wife for allowing me success in pursuit of my masters so far.

5. New Language - Uh, does ubi dubi count (ala zaboomafoo)?

6. Devotions - I am proud to say that I have been doing devotions more so than last month.  I have also been downloading and listening to sermons everyday so that I can further my walk with God and improve my marriage.

7. Blog Posting - Yep.  I pretty much destroyed this post.  I crushed it.  I rolled it up and smoked it.  I spanked it.  I got er' done.  I...I....I am running out of things to say that make sense, so with that...


Old School donzo.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Net Worth Update: May

You might be thinking why are you still doing this Old School.  I mean, c'mon, you aren't really putting out any groundbreaking content.  You certainly are fresh, and you are not writing with very much passion or frequency.

You would be correct.  I have been pretty lax.  I could lay out a bunch of excuses about how I have been working a full time summer job, and have a bunch of house work, and have a bunch of masters class work...but I won't...oh wait...I guess I just did:)  Oh well.  I'm not stopping because this little blog remains a motivating factor for me.  Whenever I want to spend money on stupid stuff I think of this blog.  Whenever I get tired working my job I think of this blog.  So without further excuses here goes nothing...

Mint says my current net worth is... (admittedly I actually got disconnected due to storms so this a few days even later lol)

-  $113,485.17

That is a change of!!!

- $ 441.52.

Well poop.  That's the wrong way Old School.  Well no )#@*$!  I think I figured that one why did it happen.  I don't have time to take a look at the other accounts real quick, because honestly I should get back to school work.  IN fact that is all I have had time for lately.

Work.  School.  Work.  School.  House projects/work.  Somewhere in all this craziness I'm eating, sleeping, watching Lebron lose in the NBA finals (woot, woot), and trying to see my wife every once in a while?

The loss in $440 bucks probably is from tuition, books, and fees.  I admit that I'm not exactly organized about my finances right now, but luckily Mrs. Old School has been taking charge (as if she wasn't already) and been doing a great job!


1. Books read- 2/10  I'm still at two of ten but I have been reading and will finish this month a grief counseling book and also I'm six chapters into my development over the lifespan book.  If nothing else, by the time I'm done with this masters program I will be very well read.

2. Savings- Went down another 2k this month due to tuition.  I'm hoping that this is only temorary and we will get the money back once I submit my good grades (that I will get).  I also have taken a summer job with the high school where I teach (I'm mowing!) to help add some cash back to our savings.

3. IMRF- clearly I haven't done anything here, I'll probably have to postpone this until I'm back in school

4. Masters- working very hard on this goal and I continue to just grind away at the books and papers

5. New Language/Devos- No progress on the language side of things...but I have been reading devotions steadily.  I got ODB app for my phone, helps to have it right there.  I can just read it whenever throughout the day, but I probably should get a routine going (most likely in the morning).

6. Blog Posting- better late than never!  I'm still going strong with at least one post a month.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Net Worth Update: April

Well I guess there are not two ways about's already halfway through May and I have yet to post about April.  I could hem and haw about how busy I have been with tennis, teaching, or masters paperwork.  I may even mention that I recently became quite ill and was unable to do much of anything except drag my butt from bed to work and then promptly back to bed.  That all sounds like a stinky excuse though so without further ado lets  get rolling...

Mint says my current net worth is...


That is a difference of...

 + $2284.28

Sweet.  An increase...wait how the heck did I increase.  Was it based solely on the market?  In a word yes.  Our investments had a pretty good month.

Here is a look at our accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $8,761.91                                                                                                2. Checking                              $2,988.52 
3. Car Account                         $460.06
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $24.61
5. Wife's Card                        - $21.08
6. Mortgage                           - $158,981.73
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,462.98
8. My Roth                               $531.00
9. My 403b                               $7,390.00
10. Wife's Car                           $9,222.00
11. My Car                               $2,500.00

Whats new?
Well we added an account for our car insurance/car repair/new car.  I hope that this will keep our hands out of our emergency account for our vehicles...since they aren't really emergencies and should be planned for.

You  will notice that we took about $1600.00 out of our emergency fund.  That was for my college tuition.  I am currently on a scholarship which cuts tuition in half so just imagine if I wasn't getting half paid...yikes!  (Looks like I will be doing my best to get really good grades!)

Once I am done with the class I can actually get most of my money reimbursed through my place of employment if I get good grades (which I will!).  The only thing that sucks is each time I complete a class I have to submit an official transcript to the school (which cost $$$).  Redundant expenses here I come again.

I dislike paperwork and redundant (must be the word of the day) redundancy (see what I did there), but getting my masters goes a long way to getting my wife home from work.  Ultimately I want her to be able to stay home and tend the homestead while I go to work and bring home the bacon.  It will be better for her emotionally and she really wants to come home and raise some babies.


1. Books read 2/10.  Still stuck on the 2, mostly just due to me not having one iota of time to spend outside of coaching, yard tending, and all that blasted paperwork lol.

2. Savings:  Well obviously we went the wrong way with the savings this month, but I strangely didn't mind spending a little cash on my education.  I'm hoping it pays off in the long run.

3. IMRF: Obviously I need a kick to the gonads (please don't) since I have yet to do anything involving my IMRF.

4. Masters: Ah, the one goal where I have been plowing right along.  Focused energy really makes a difference and I feel like I am pretty passionate about getting this goal accomplished.  It just would mean so much to my wife and there is no better motivator than a pretty women (especially one you happen to be married to:)

5. New language: Nata       Devotions: Fell by the wayside here.  I was in a pretty good routine but for some reason getting sick just kind of seemed to throw me off.  I look to get back on track as I take my fitness training back up for the rest of this month.

6. Blog posting: Even though this blog post comes in quite late, it still eeks under the wire and counts for this month.  I am proud to say that this project is probably the longest lasting one.  I also have to say that I almost didn't write this post tonight.  The only thing that kept me going was knowing that someone (even if it is only me later on) will read this.  And that is what kept me accountable.  Thanks for all the veiwership and see you all next month.


Old School Out.  


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Net Worth Update: March

Well that went pretty fast didn't it?  Another year in the books for me and as March flew by I became a year older.  28.  Twenty eight years old.  Hard to believe that I'm nearing thirty.  30!!!  I'm not for sure if I am exactly where I want to be, but I am having fun being where I am.

Now on to the good stuff you number crunching peeping toms...

Mint says my current net worth is...

- 115,327.93

That is a difference of...


Wow.  Someone light the world on fire because I'll pay for the repairs...errr maybe just a house... Check that.  Light nothing on fire except for maybe our butts for going on an out of control spending month.

Lets take a look at the account breakdowns and figure out what happened.

Account Breakdown 

1. Emergency Fund                  $10,230.65                                                                                                2. Checking                              $201.01
3. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $1,141.65
4. Wife's Card                        - $21.08
5. Mortgage                           - $159,554.11
6. Wife's 401k                          $15,696.56
7. My Roth                               $561.89
8. My 403b                               $7,100.25
9. Wife's Car                            $9,222.00
10. My Car                               $2,500.00

Interesting.  It seems as if we had a very spendy month...perhaps we have been hanging around a certain materialistic dinosaur too much from 1500 days.

Regardless we need to reign this pattern in.  My wife has bribed me that if we have three on budget months she will let me replace our old dying xbox with a new one.  Seems counterproductive to me and I may not even want to get it by the end of three months, but for now just the idea of a short term goal and reward is motivating me to use cash and lay off the credit.

We have in fact gone back to the cash envelopes and find them to work the best.  I don't know why we keep flip flopping every month when we know what works...its got to be sheer darn LAZINESS on our part.

One good thing that occured this past month was that the dreaded mortgage finally dipped below 160k...hahahaha suck it mortgage!

Long way to go before our goal of under 150k but we keep trucking.

Other Goals...

1. Book reading: 2/10.  No change on this front as I continue to read another book about tennis and improving my coaching.  I will probably finish American Sniper since I got that for my birthday near the end of March.  I look to have that done in early April and I highly recommend the book to anyone who is an American and proud to be so.

2. Savings: Stagnant...nothing to see hear, move along:( 

3. IMRF: See above line related to me being a slacker.

4. Masters: Whoop whoop...I'm in like flynn.  I just need to complete a couple of mandatory forms (parking, insurance, etc...) and pass an entrance interview.  I will then be on my way to becoming edumacated!!!

5. Still nothing new on learning a new language and still no progress on devos...although I have been reading ODB more frequently... I would say at least 5 out of 7 days.

6. This will count as my post for the month and although hasty...well lets just say it is hasty.  Super busy with masters and house projects so for now...

Gotta run!