Net Worth Update: Junky June

Ah, well if you haven't gotten used to my late postings yet then you never will.  I figure that if I postpone my pathetic post long enough then it will pretty perfectly line up with the period that I predicted since the beginning.  Tongue tied?  Confused?  So am I.  Lets get down to Junky June...

Mint says that my net worth in June was....

- $ 114, 214.94

That is a difference of...

- $ 729.77

Oh no.  Quick.  Someone telephone the president and tell him we have an emergency.  Our company has posted in the red the last two months.  What the H to the E to the C to the K is going one here?  I actually am the reason we failed hardcore in June.  I admit, I have a problem with gas stations.  I spent a crud ridonkulous amount of money at Casey's this past month.  Dang you two slices of pizza and a "free" thirty two ounce pop!

The point is that I lost sight of my goal.  I forgot about what I'm really working towards here which is financial independence.  Financial independence for our family means paying off the blasted mortgage.  Every dollar I spend on junk food at Casey's is a dollar I don't have to throw at the mortgage.  This realization doesn't usually sink in until I have just eaten a half dozen doughnuts.

I think that July will yield a different story however, but I'll leave that to July.  First lets go to the books and review the accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $4,693,96                                                                                                
2. Checking                              $1,925.82 
3. Car Account                         $740.19
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $241.81
5. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
6. Mortgage                           - $157,831.23
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,805.79
8. My Roth                               $513.72
9. My 403b                               $8,011.74
10. Wife's Car                           $9,222.00
11. My Car                               $2,500.00

You will notice that we keep adding to a car account.  This is for when my trusty car eventually bites it, which we hope is not for another four years.  I hate to write that because I probably just jinxed myself, but all we can do is drive less and keep maintenance up.  

You may also notice that our emergency fund is a shell of what it once was.  Well where the frick is all that money going.  Did I buy an ATV?  I wish that it was something that exciting.  We have been cash flowing my masters degree and hopefully I will get reimbursed by my school for the classes I have been taking.


1. Read ten books before end of year - 2/10 3/10.  That's right suckkas!  I read a full text book during the month of June.  Probably the first time I have ever read an entire text book too:)  I just feel smarter now, kinda, um well, ok don't push it.

2. Savings - Well obviously we have been going backwards on this goal since I started school.  I just hope that I get reimbursed soon because I don't want to dip too much lower:(

3. IMRF - I still haven't done anything with my IMRF or even my 403b/wife's 401k.  I need to set up an investing hour each week or so to look over my options and choices and maybe two hours this week to adjust my balance and what not.

4. Masters - The goal where I have been keeping up.  I recently completed two classes, received two A's, and started two more classes.  Summer mini-mesters....AHHHHHH!!!!  I thank God and my wife for allowing me success in pursuit of my masters so far.

5. New Language - Uh, does ubi dubi count (ala zaboomafoo)?

6. Devotions - I am proud to say that I have been doing devotions more so than last month.  I have also been downloading and listening to sermons everyday so that I can further my walk with God and improve my marriage.

7. Blog Posting - Yep.  I pretty much destroyed this post.  I crushed it.  I rolled it up and smoked it.  I spanked it.  I got er' done.  I...I....I am running out of things to say that make sense, so with that...


Old School donzo.


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