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Does anyone else ever just freak out?

So yeah....the title is pretty much self explanatory.  Do you ever have a freak out moment?  A point in time in which you just are pushed over the edge by emotions?

I do.

Wanna know what causes these occasional freakouts?


That's right.  Stuff. 

Stuff that I own that needs to be taken care of.  I just get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about the amount of stuff that I need to do.  Pay this, pay that, save here, mow this, take the trash out, scoop the liter, etc... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

And for some crazy reason I find myself sometimes wanting more sick is that!!!???

I think that a lot of times I forget about the maintenance of the stuff I want.  Very recently for example I was over at a buddies house and noticed he had a nice new xbox one.  Sweet games, cool voice control, cutting edge tech...whats not to love?  I admit that as I sat there playing around with it I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it so much that the thought crept into my brain...

"This is sweet.  Its only $…

Net Worth Update: February

Been a while boys and girls, but that is what happens when we get into the thick of it.  Masters applications and tennis season has come upon me like the extra pounds one tends to gain right after high school.  Since today is a half day off (due to the winter weather) I figured I would take time to sit down and write out a little update.

Mint says my current net worth is...

- $115,480.67

That is a difference of...

+ $7966.06

What up!!!???  As a side note looks like somebody found the COLOR button!!!  Oh no... I can't STOP!!!

Well, aside from all that crazy fun let us take a look at why the Old School Family was able to improve the old net worth situation for a second month in a row.

Account Breakdown...  

1. Emergency Fund                  $10,214.39                                                                                                2. Checking                              $353.43
3. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $729.36
4. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
5. M…