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This page will serve as a link to all posts I have created for Old School Coinage.  I'll be honest, they aren't all pretty but they all make up an important part of this blog and have helped develop me as a person and as a writer.


1. Old School Intro
2. Combing the Financials
3. The Finished Product
4. DIY: Is it worth it?
5. Unexpected Surprise
6. Tough Mudder Review
7. Love V.S. Logic
8. Routine
9. 30 ways you waste money
10. It ain't all Candyshops and Lollipops
11. Old School's Negative Net Worth: First Edition
12. Why I dislike Pensions
13. Building Our House Part 1
14. Old Schools Networth Update: September (2014) Edition
15. 10 minute pep talk
16. The "Hidden" Cost of Use
17. Building Our House Part 2
18. Cowboys Fan Here: I admit, it's sad.
19. Up to no good...
20. National Cat Day
21. Old Schools Networth Update: October (2014) Edition
22. Fantasy Football by the numbers
23. Building our House Part 3: The end?
24. The Green Eyed Monster
25. Was today Black Friday?
26. Net Worth Update: Negative November Edition (2014)
27. The world doesn't own you JACK SQUAT!
28. Chicago Vacation





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