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Net Worth Update: September 2017

I've been looking back on my old Net Worth Posts and I've noticed something...why the heck didn't I label them in the title by year???

Oh well.  Mistakes will happen.

You should read the following disclaimer so as not be confused by how the numbers have changed dramatically over the past year.  Fear not my anxious number peepers, it's all still there and accounted for.

DISCLAIMER:  Hello.  This is a monthly net worth report.  I am currently using my banks website to track my net worth, along with personal capital.  I do not include the value of my house but do include the mortgage as a debt.  I do this because it is unlikely we will sell and I prefer liquidity to perceived value.  Sit back, grab a beverage and enjoy comparing yourself to my numbers.  You'll feel better about yourself, I promise:)

Net Worth: - $82,551.83 Difference from December 2015: + $24,098.21 Total Cash Available: $10,415.37 Total Investments: $50,614.74 Total Debts: $143,581.94 Account Breakdow…

In-practical Wishes and Dirty Dishes

In-practical Wishes
Lately I've been all wrapped up in fancy cars.  Blame it on youtube channels and Mr. 1500 talking about his awesome NSX!

The problem with me dwelling on my dream car...

The Lamborghini Countach 
is that I never will be able to freaking afford one (unless its the hot wheels version).  Even if I could afford to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase this beauty I could never keep up with the maintenance.  My current income level would never support it. Lets say that one day I become a millionaire and this car ends up being a small percentage of my wealth.   Would I still want to own it?
Probably not.  The car doesn't jive with my value system.  
Do I love beautiful sports cars?  Yes. Do I love going fast?  Yes.
Ok.  So what's the problem?
Do I love showing off?  Not really. Do I want people to assume I have a lot of $?  No.
Do I like driving just to drive aka "cruisin"?  Nope. Do I think that operating more than one veh…