In-practical Wishes and Dirty Dishes

In-practical Wishes

Lately I've been all wrapped up in fancy cars.  Blame it on youtube channels and Mr. 1500 talking about his awesome NSX!

The problem with me dwelling on my dream car...

The Lamborghini Countach 
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is that I never will be able to freaking afford one (unless its the hot wheels version).  Even if I could afford to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase this beauty I could never keep up with the maintenance.  My current income level would never support it.
Lets say that one day I become a millionaire and this car ends up being a small percentage of my wealth.   Would I still want to own it?

Probably not.  The car doesn't jive with my value system.  

Do I love beautiful sports cars?  Yes.
Do I love going fast?  Yes.

Ok.  So what's the problem?

Do I love showing off?  Not really.
Do I want people to assume I have a lot of $?  No.


Do I like driving just to drive aka "cruisin"?  Nope.
Do I think that operating more than one vehicle per person is efficient?  Nope.  
Could I let my dog ride in this classic?  Nope.

Alrighty.  I think I've made you suffer through enough rhetorical questions.

The last point really decides it.  I can't own a car like this.  I would be so worried about maintaining pristine condition, I couldn't even let my dog ride along.  I love my dog.

One guy in the millionaire next door agrees with me.  This man was presented with a custom rolls royce as a gift...and he declined it.  He said "you can't throw fish in the back seat of a rolls, you can't drive up to the factory in a rolls, and you can't take a rolls through the drive thrus I like."  He concluded that there were more interesting things to do in life than owning a rolls.

*I'm not hating on you if you own a super nice sports car...or a fact do you want to be friends and can I drive it?  

I love these cars and appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship that went into designing them.

I just think I'd rather rent a car like this someday instead of  owning one.  Ownership often comes with unforeseen burdens and I don't like burdens.  Even if I don't ever get to own/drive a super car I can remain content.

Dirty Dishes

Along the lines of gratitude/contentment there is nothing I enjoy more than a clean kitchen counter.  No clutter means that the work area is clean and good to go for preparing the next meal.  My wife on the other hand does not feel the same way.  She is more into cleanliness but clutter does not fall under that category.
Thus the war of the kitchen counter has begun.  

Every time I look there is at least one cup or bowl just hanging out saying "Hey, look at me.  I'm inches from the dishwasher but I stopped for a break here.  You don't mind if I take up valuable space and occupy your thoughts do you? Muhahahahahahahahahhahahahahah."

Of course dishes don't talk and of course my wife is wonderful... so really this comes down to preference and service.  I'm man enough to pick up a dish and put it in the washer even if it isn't mine.  I'm also man enough to just do it without complaining.  Preforming these simple tasks actually improve my levels of happiness and contentment.  Strengthening these muscles leads me to be better disciplined which helps keep me in shape (financially, spiritually, and physically).

So the lesson of the day is that if you want to build wealth start by cleaning the dirty dishes.

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OSC out.


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