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Are we Lucky? I Prefer Blessed.

Confession time...  I ripped this idea straight from the much bigger, (and better), blog Financial Samurai. If you haven't read any of Sam's articles go ahead and head on over to his website now...

Now that I've lost all of my readers to Sam's site lets continue.  In the latest article, Financial Samurai writes about three times he was lucky.

1. The first time Sam believes he was lucky is when he met his wife.  I think that many of us with wonderful spouses can relate, where would we be without a chance encounter?  Do I believe that "luck" has kept our marriage together and thriving for the past (5,6, or 7) years?

NO!  Part of it is my wife's extremely forgiving nature...I mean I can't even remember our exact wedding date without looking.  Hard work, tears, fights, and unselfish behavior make our marriage unique and strong. So maybe luck brought us together but it sure didn't keep us there.  We did that with hard work and sacrifice.

#2. The secon…