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Net Worth Update: December + the Year in Review!

Merry Christmas everybody....whats that?  I missed Christmas already...well then...HAPPY NEW YEAR...wait, we aren't there quite yet.

Ummm....Happy time in between Christmas and New Year when everyone and their pet roosters go shopping.  I kid you not about the rooster.  I saw it sitting on some guys shoulder when we were out shopping.

Lets look at that net worth from December!

- $106,650.04

That is a difference from November of...

+ $3972.28

It is always fun to end the year on a positive note and we managed to do just that.  We celebrated our anniversary in December and my wife's birthday by going to a Bulls game in Chicago.  The whole experience was about $400.00 including tickets, gas, food, a hotel, and a very nice breakfast.  We were going to spend some more time, but lost interest when the weather turned sour and my wife became slightly sick.

Oh well.  Not the most frugal experience, but we did get to see a great game which went into FOUR overtimes!  Too bad the bulls lost.


Net Worth Update: November

This post is going to be short and sweet, and late.  Very, very late.  Needless to say I was pretty busy during November.  I was writing finals, taking finals, and planning out my 5th year anniversary trip among a host of many other tasks.

In October we saw a net worth of... 

- $111,361.71

My net worth for November was...

- $110,622.32

That is a difference of...

+ $ 739.39

This is normally the part of the post where we take a look at the amount of money in each account.  I will not be doing that this month due to being so late in the posting that the data I get from Mint would not provide a very accurate picture of where we were in November.  We will take a look at the goals though.


1. Read ten books by the end of this year: 4/10.  This past month I read a Tom Clancy novel.  I really enjoy Clancy novels and anytime I get my hands on one usually read it within two weeks, no matter how busy I am.

2. Savings: Got the savings up to 8k.  Still got about 7k to go until we are finished with our…