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Net Worth Update: August

Once again another month passes too quickly and once again here I am making excuses...I mean shoot!  I didn't even roll out this net worth update on the 15th like normal... I waited until the freaking 20th!  That is pretty bad lol...but as my father-in-law says "Oh well."

So crank up the phantom of the opera (what I am indulging in right now) and lets navigate some numbers.

Mint says that my net worth in August was...

- $105,580.86

This is a difference of...

+ $4556.86

Hot dang...another positive month.  This surely isn't sustainable:0  I will take it though.  I have noticed a sever change in our spending patterns, and def. for the positive.  Using cash for our problem areas really does help!

Lets get a closer look at our accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $8,629.86                                                                                                
2. Checking                              $369.39 
3. Car Account                         $1090.41
4. …