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Net Worth Update: October

I must admit, dear readers, that I almost didn't write this update.  In fact, I almost didn't write anything.  I kind of felt like walking away.  School, work, and the daily stresses almost had me hanging up the keyboard.  Instead I decided to keep going.  I mean, I've only been at this for a little over a year and I figure I have at least forty left in me (that is a joke, there is no way I actually have forty years left in me).

SO without further procrastination...

Mint says my current net worth is...

- $111,361.71

That is a difference of...

+ $ 1735.25

After posting a huge negative jump last month we improve almost 2k this month.  Not too shabby.  Lets take a look at those accounts to see what's crackin.

1. Emergency Fund                 $7,467.31                                                                                                
2. Checking                             $1471.16
3. Car Account                        $1370.70
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  -$0.00
5. Wif…