Net Worth Update: January

Hello there again faithful readers...or casual passerby...ok...  So maybe you accidentally clicked here thinking this was Mr. Money Mustaches blog.  It is not.  I'm not half as cool.  Before you go though maybe you would enjoy taking a look at my personal finances and where I am at in life.  That way you can either laugh, cry, or give me a pat on the back and your viewership inspires me to keep going.  So thanks.  Now lets get crackin!

Mint says my current net worth is...

- $123,446.73

That is a difference of...

+ $7227.04

Whoo HOO!!!!  That is right haters, I'm headed in the right direction this year.  So how did I increase my net worth by that much?  Did I fall into a pile of money or rob a small ATM?  Nope.  Read on to find out how the old school family is kicking off 2015 right.

 Account Breakdown...

1. Emergency Fund                  $7713.26                                                                                                2. Checking                              $382.74
3. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $0.00
4. Wife's Card                        - $0.00
5. Mortgage                           - $160,693.18
6. Wife's 401k                          $12,942.30
7. My Roth                               $539.69
8. My 403b                               $6223.22
9. Wife's Car                            $9,222.00
10. My Car                               $2,500.00

Man, if all months this year are like January we are going to have a great year.  Spending wise we didn't do so great and spent more than we should.  To fix that we are going back to cash envelopes for the 3 biggest perps in our budget: Miscellaneous, Entertainment, and Groceries.  I have already noticed a diffence when at the grocery store because I try to not pick up extras (cookies, donuts, etc...:)

 1. Savings- Hit our goal of 7K---what up!  Now part of this money will come out to pay for car insurance (we do it bi-annually to receive a discount), but in the end we will have 7k left.  Next up on the goal o' meter is 8k in savings.

2. Still haven't done anything with my pesky IMRF...dang.  You should notice that above I have added another account to mint.  That account is my 403b, so thanks Mint for adding the institution to your list and here is a free promotion for MINT.  If you don't have a mint account then I highly recommend getting one.  It is a great FREE way to track your personal finances.

Other (Yearly Goals)
So far I am on pace to read 10 non-fiction books a month.  I can't say that the book I read this month was very exciting, but it was helpful.  I read the MAT for dummies guide in preparation for taking my MAT test.   

This actually plays into my other goal of getting selected into a masters program and continuing my education.  I just need to firm up my application and send it in and hold my breath!

I have been running a little, but nothing serious.  I'm certainly not getting in shape for a marathon with the amount that I'm running, but small steps will make way for great progress (or something cheesy like that).

I have only watched one lesson on you-tube about mandarin.  Def slacking on this goal, but I have been pretty busy lately and this has taken a backseat.  I hope I can pick it up soon.

As for retirement we are currently on track with what I want to put away this year...although there is always room for more:)

I also have been successfully conducting devotions everyday and have noticed a change in my demeanor for my wife.  Over all I feel very thankful for her and I know that shows more this year than it did last...

and last but not least I have continued with my goal of posting at least once a month.  It may only be one post, but it doesn't matter.  Old School is still going strong.

Catch you cats on the flip side.

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