Net Worth Update: September 2017

I've been looking back on my old Net Worth Posts and I've noticed something...why the heck didn't I label them in the title by year???

Oh well.  Mistakes will happen.

You should read the following disclaimer so as not be confused by how the numbers have changed dramatically over the past year.  Fear not my anxious number peepers, it's all still there and accounted for.

DISCLAIMER:  Hello.  This is a monthly net worth report.  I am currently using my banks website to track my net worth, along with personal capital.  I do not include the value of my house but do include the mortgage as a debt.  I do this because it is unlikely we will sell and I prefer liquidity to perceived value.  Sit back, grab a beverage and enjoy comparing yourself to my numbers.  You'll feel better about yourself, I promise:)

Net Worth: - $82,551.83

Difference from December 2015: + $24,098.21

Total Cash Available: $10,415.37

Total Investments: $50,614.74

Total Debts: $143,581.94

Account Breakdown

Checking: $465.13 - This is the main checking account that we use to pay bills, get groceries, and live life.  It fluctuates month to month although I'd love to see it go up and up and up:)

Emergency Fund: $4,154.43 - This is our main emergency fund.  It stands between us and life and helps keep Murphy at bay.  Currently we are working to raise it up to at least 15k because we both want more cushion.

Vehicle Replacement: $5,139.07 - A sinking fund we set up to offset the purchase of our next car...I know I know we hate cars as much as you do...but we live remotely and cars are a part of our reality.

Home Improvement: $355.14 - Money set aside to pay for various home projects (paint, doors, concrete, mower blades, etc...)

Travel: $105.13 - We both love to travel and we need money to do it:)

Santa Saver: $155.07 - Saving for Christmas gifts, just started this year.

Random Checking: $31.40 - A couple of random accounts we have, this one is from a side business I ran and the others are just random savings accounts we must have to maintain our checking.
Random Savings 1: $5.00
Random Savings 2: $5.00

Wifes 401k: $31,736.11 - My wife started saving a little early and it has really grown.

My 403b: $18,878.63 - Still trying to catch my wife.  I started later and put in more but I still haven't caught her.

Mortgage: $143,581.94 - Our only debt which is just the way we like it.  We do however hate the mortgage with a vengeance and are working to kill it.


1. We need more cash on hand.  I would like to have a 15k emergency fund in place by the end of the year.  As much as it pains me I may stop contributing to my Roth for a short amount of time (2-5 months) to jump start our savings goal.  It is difficult to build a stable emergency fund while I am also cash-flowing grad school.

2. We need to be on a budget and continually work together as a husband and wife when making purchases.  I'll be honest, we've been sloppy lately.  Amazon is a weakness.

3.  Money matters little in the grand scheme of things but the options it gives you are wonderful.  If I currently sat in a paid for house with 15k + in the bank then adopting a child (which is what we are pursuing) would not be as stressful as it currently is.  We would probably adopt two kids instead of one and my wife could come home but currently this is not an option we have.

4.  Even though we have been sloppy we still have made 24k advancement in our net worth since December of 2015 (last time I tracked our net worth).  It's been almost two years since this date and while it isn't amazing it is still something.  I think that the progress towards a long term goal is what keeps us going and we WILL keep going!

OSC out.


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