Net Worth Update: May

You might be thinking why are you still doing this Old School.  I mean, c'mon, you aren't really putting out any groundbreaking content.  You certainly are fresh, and you are not writing with very much passion or frequency.

You would be correct.  I have been pretty lax.  I could lay out a bunch of excuses about how I have been working a full time summer job, and have a bunch of house work, and have a bunch of masters class work...but I won't...oh wait...I guess I just did:)  Oh well.  I'm not stopping because this little blog remains a motivating factor for me.  Whenever I want to spend money on stupid stuff I think of this blog.  Whenever I get tired working my job I think of this blog.  So without further excuses here goes nothing...

Mint says my current net worth is... (admittedly I actually got disconnected due to storms so this a few days even later lol)

-  $113,485.17

That is a change of!!!

- $ 441.52.

Well poop.  That's the wrong way Old School.  Well no )#@*$!  I think I figured that one why did it happen.  I don't have time to take a look at the other accounts real quick, because honestly I should get back to school work.  IN fact that is all I have had time for lately.

Work.  School.  Work.  School.  House projects/work.  Somewhere in all this craziness I'm eating, sleeping, watching Lebron lose in the NBA finals (woot, woot), and trying to see my wife every once in a while?

The loss in $440 bucks probably is from tuition, books, and fees.  I admit that I'm not exactly organized about my finances right now, but luckily Mrs. Old School has been taking charge (as if she wasn't already) and been doing a great job!


1. Books read- 2/10  I'm still at two of ten but I have been reading and will finish this month a grief counseling book and also I'm six chapters into my development over the lifespan book.  If nothing else, by the time I'm done with this masters program I will be very well read.

2. Savings- Went down another 2k this month due to tuition.  I'm hoping that this is only temorary and we will get the money back once I submit my good grades (that I will get).  I also have taken a summer job with the high school where I teach (I'm mowing!) to help add some cash back to our savings.

3. IMRF- clearly I haven't done anything here, I'll probably have to postpone this until I'm back in school

4. Masters- working very hard on this goal and I continue to just grind away at the books and papers

5. New Language/Devos- No progress on the language side of things...but I have been reading devotions steadily.  I got ODB app for my phone, helps to have it right there.  I can just read it whenever throughout the day, but I probably should get a routine going (most likely in the morning).

6. Blog Posting- better late than never!  I'm still going strong with at least one post a month.

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