Net Worth Update: April

Well I guess there are not two ways about's already halfway through May and I have yet to post about April.  I could hem and haw about how busy I have been with tennis, teaching, or masters paperwork.  I may even mention that I recently became quite ill and was unable to do much of anything except drag my butt from bed to work and then promptly back to bed.  That all sounds like a stinky excuse though so without further ado lets  get rolling...

Mint says my current net worth is...


That is a difference of...

 + $2284.28

Sweet.  An increase...wait how the heck did I increase.  Was it based solely on the market?  In a word yes.  Our investments had a pretty good month.

Here is a look at our accounts...

1. Emergency Fund                  $8,761.91                                                                                                2. Checking                              $2,988.52 
3. Car Account                         $460.06
4. Chase Sapphire Preferred  - $24.61
5. Wife's Card                        - $21.08
6. Mortgage                           - $158,981.73
7. Wife's 401k                          $16,462.98
8. My Roth                               $531.00
9. My 403b                               $7,390.00
10. Wife's Car                           $9,222.00
11. My Car                               $2,500.00

Whats new?
Well we added an account for our car insurance/car repair/new car.  I hope that this will keep our hands out of our emergency account for our vehicles...since they aren't really emergencies and should be planned for.

You  will notice that we took about $1600.00 out of our emergency fund.  That was for my college tuition.  I am currently on a scholarship which cuts tuition in half so just imagine if I wasn't getting half paid...yikes!  (Looks like I will be doing my best to get really good grades!)

Once I am done with the class I can actually get most of my money reimbursed through my place of employment if I get good grades (which I will!).  The only thing that sucks is each time I complete a class I have to submit an official transcript to the school (which cost $$$).  Redundant expenses here I come again.

I dislike paperwork and redundant (must be the word of the day) redundancy (see what I did there), but getting my masters goes a long way to getting my wife home from work.  Ultimately I want her to be able to stay home and tend the homestead while I go to work and bring home the bacon.  It will be better for her emotionally and she really wants to come home and raise some babies.


1. Books read 2/10.  Still stuck on the 2, mostly just due to me not having one iota of time to spend outside of coaching, yard tending, and all that blasted paperwork lol.

2. Savings:  Well obviously we went the wrong way with the savings this month, but I strangely didn't mind spending a little cash on my education.  I'm hoping it pays off in the long run.

3. IMRF: Obviously I need a kick to the gonads (please don't) since I have yet to do anything involving my IMRF.

4. Masters: Ah, the one goal where I have been plowing right along.  Focused energy really makes a difference and I feel like I am pretty passionate about getting this goal accomplished.  It just would mean so much to my wife and there is no better motivator than a pretty women (especially one you happen to be married to:)

5. New language: Nata       Devotions: Fell by the wayside here.  I was in a pretty good routine but for some reason getting sick just kind of seemed to throw me off.  I look to get back on track as I take my fitness training back up for the rest of this month.

6. Blog posting: Even though this blog post comes in quite late, it still eeks under the wire and counts for this month.  I am proud to say that this project is probably the longest lasting one.  I also have to say that I almost didn't write this post tonight.  The only thing that kept me going was knowing that someone (even if it is only me later on) will read this.  And that is what kept me accountable.  Thanks for all the veiwership and see you all next month.


Old School Out.  



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