Annual Spending Review

What is up folks?  This is the post where we look back at the past year and see just how much the Old School Family spent.  This will be the second annual spending review so here I will compare 2015 to 2014...pretty cool since I never even used to track expenses.  

EDUCATION: $ 12,695.00... this will not be broken down per month
This is a new category that did not exist in 2014 because I wasn't going to school.  I am proud to say that I am in school now and doing well.  I also didn't technically spend 12k, because some of this was reimbursed, but I will stick with this number because it gives me a big picture idea of what education costs and makes me appreciate it much more.

HOME: $4721.00.......Per month: $ 393.41
This is no longer our biggest expense (education took that cake), but this does not include mortgage payments any longer.  Mint somehow boofoo'd up that and I have no idea where the mortgage payments went (I seriously have been looking and can't find them, but since I'm still living in my house I know we have been paying them lol).  Total we payed about $14,400, which would make this the biggest expense once again<but the payments aren't recorded or at least split among categories...obviously I want to figure out where these are going in 2016.

As far as projects go we didn't do a ton in 2015.  We put on two new storm doors, painted a wall, decorated a bit, and split the cost of a mower with my dad.

I do believe that we trimmed our overall spending on house projects though, so kudos to us!

HEALTH AND FITNESS: $1658.00.......Per month: $138.16
We accomplished another goal in 2015 and stayed pretty healthy.  My wife switched over to an AIP diet and we really worked hard to cut sugar out of our diet.  We spent a whole lot less, like 7k, than last year!  We also feel better, and my wife's health has really been improving.

FOOD AND DINING: $7072.00.......Per month: $589.33 
Surprisingly close to 7,472.00 from 2014.  We did cut down on our going out to eat which is a great accomplishment, but we increased our spending on healthy food like fruits, veggies, and fresh produce.  This is not cheap as many people know, but we hedged our expenses by using Aldi and Costco.  Kroger is WAY too expensive in my opinion.  

For those of you who think we are eating lobster, you should know this number includes all restaurant outings, and parties we threw.  So 7k doesn't look that bad when you frame it correctly...right...right guys...nervous laugh.

GIFTS AND DONATIONS: $2884.00.......Per month: $240.33
A brand new category for our Family in 2015, this encompasses tithe and gifts to charity and gifts.  Not all giving is represented in the category as some fell into the uncategorized group below.

UNCATEGORIZED: $2136.00.......Per month: $ 178.00
Down from 12k in 2014 to 2k in 2015 isn't that bad, granted I would still like to know where the heck 2k went lol.  All of the transactions are checks written by my wife, so I guess I need to just communicate better.  Dangit MINT, why do you have to be part finance advisory, part marriage counselor!!??  

Another take away is that there were only 23 transactions here, so I only missed about 2 a month.  That is a HUGE improvement from 2014!

SHOPPING: $3853.00.......Per month: $ 321.08
Well my wife's no buy challenge ended in April, but she did pretty good and I am so proud of her.  I think she looks hot no matter what, but she also looks cute too<btw you can now take my man card for saying that lol<and using lol so much.  The important thing is that we cut our shopping expenses in 2015 $57.00 a month, high five!

AUTO AND TRANSPORT: $3879.00.......Per month: $ 323.25
This number went down in 2015, even though I predicted the opposite.  How is this possible?  I consciously made an effort not to drive as much, consolidated trips, and didn't go out as much.  Being a homebody has it's advantages.   

BILLS AND UTILITIES: $5172.00.......Per month: $ 431.00
2nd year in the house and it would appear that our energy use went up quite a lot.  I think this was due to really staying at home quite a bit more in 2015.  I use to coach 3 sports but now only coach 1 sport.  The benefit is that I'm home more with our pets, but the con is that I obviously use more energy.  Maybe I need to sit in the dark more often lol.

OTHER: $5524.00.......Per month: $460.33
We spent slightly more here in 2015.  This includes uncategorized giving, magazine subscriptions, movie tickets, and just a bunch of random crap lol.  Just a bunch of tiny expenses on a bunch of categories that all add up.  

TOTAL:  $48,348.17.

I did not do a total last year, so I had to go back and see what I spent in 2014 and that was...


So this is really just an approximation, but hey hey, lookey lookey, we spent less money this past year.  WOOHOO!!!!  $520.00 less, give or take a couple cents.  Not too bad.  I hope that I can report back with more positive news in 2017.  Catch you then number peepers...

OSC out.


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