It ain't all Candyshops and Lollipops

What, you may gasp as you read the title.  I mean I know life is hard for me (the reader), but I just figured all you financial blogging guys and gals had it all figured out.  You may have been misled into thinking we are some sort of superhuman specimen's who never experience pain, heartache, or trial.  Maybe you think that we don't struggle like you every single day.

Nay.  I say nay to this nonsense.  I in fact have been misled into this thought process a time or two.  It isn't real popular to blog about repeated failure or trial but I assure you all bloggers struggle the same as you and I.

Here are some reason's that we as readers may believe that life is all peachy keen everyday for pf bloggers...

1. Highlighting the Highlights:  
I think it goes without saying that most people only write about the highlights or successes.  It in fact is actually a cultural phenomenon, I mean just take a look at facebook, twitter, etc...  No one wants to share a bad picture or tweet "Just ate breakfast."  Everyday life is boring, so the mundane must be transformed to "Just ate a sweet strip of Canadian bacon and washed it down with a nice swig of african chi." #Awesome!

O.k.  So maybe that was a little overboard and I'm not saying it is bad to write or read flowery language, but the problem that we/I have is getting caught up in thinking that is what everyday life is supposed to look like.  Instead of enjoying the really great experiences we have, we must tweet the fleeting moments and then make them the sole focus of our lives.

So read the highlights, but also know that to get to that highlight the writer probably had to struggle quite a bit to get to the top of the mountain.  It's OK to struggle.

2. Reading the Goals and not the missed shots
This point follows along the same line of thinking as not getting to read about the mundane details of life, those details that we live with everyday.

Often times pf bloggers will write about goals and net worth and achievements like they shot 95 or 100%.  They may mention one or two slip ups but for the most part it is all smooth sailing right?

WRONG!   Once again I think it is safe to say that to start and continue a PF blog to successful levels you must be willing to make mistakes.  The Great One aka Wayne Gretzky, said that he would miss 100% of the shots he did not take.  YOU WILL TOO.  You must make mistakes in order to hone your craft.  You have to screw up and mess up or you aren't trying hard enough.

It takes perseverance, and tenacity every single day to reach a long term goal.  Some days are not going to be as good as others.  Sometimes you will have setbacks or complete meltdowns within your plan.  Everyone does, even if you don't get to read about it, so keep pushing forward.

3. PF Bloggers Attitudes..."They're GREATTTT!"
That's right.  Just like Tony the Tiger used to say, personal finance bloggers have great attitudes for the most part.  They know how to take a crappy situation that would frustrate most, and turn it into a positive one.  This is actually why I love reading most pf blogs, because of the splendid energy and attitude most have.

A perfect example is this article by MMM.  If you have not read it do so and be prepared for some SaWeetness.  I personally would have been in quite a funky mood if I had faced what MMM did, but his attitude is GREATTT!

It is awesome if you have this attitude and I encourage you to strive for it, but don't worry if doubt passes through your mind time and again.  These PF bloggers go through it too.  I go through it.  Just because writers may mask their struggles with positive attitudes does not mean they can not relate to you/I as a reader.  We can.

So pick up your boots, buckle your belt, and get ready to kick life so hard in the teeth everyday that you win.


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