The World doesn't owe you JACK SQUAT!

*Despite the cutesy name of this post and the picture below, this blog post is going to be pretty fired up.  Shoot I may even regret writing it some day, but I doubt it.  It may offend you, and it may contain cuss words so deal.  I usually don't set out intentionally calling anyone out in my posts, but today I just don't give a flip.  MMM offends people with his blog, and I figured what the hey so without further adu let the face-punching commence.

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That's right world.  I'm hear to let you know that I don't owe you JACK SQUAT.  I am writing this because I fear that our country in particular, America, aka the greatest freaking county on earth, is being over run by a bunch of slack-jawed, whiny a$$ babies.  You will know these people when you see them in line at the supermarket.  They are the inconsiderate jerks that check out in the self check out lane with a cart full of crap just because they couldn't be bothered to wait in a line with an attendant.  These are the people that don't crawl out of bed until 9:00 or later, who don't flip on their turn signals when merging (habitually), or who yell the loudest at the cashier for hitting a button wrong, but they can't possibly understand what it is like to work a crappy job because they haven't worked a day in their miserable lives.  They are the bottom feeders of society, the dredges of this country.  They drag us down! 

They raise their kids, (which they have multiple of so they can recieve more "aid"), poorly.  They lead their children into believeing that someone always owes them something and to never consider anyone else.  "Gotta get mine."  "The man always keeps us down."  "I deserve better than this." 

NO YOU FREAKING DON'T.  You people disgust me.  You leech off of others hard work and success and complain when you don't have as much.

How do I know this?
I will tell you how I know this.  I deal with your kids every day because I'm a school teacher.  Please don't brush this off as just another educator who is peeved.  Oh no.  It runs much deeper than that.  I see the entitlement first hand.  Our school hands out free breakfast items (which is great for those who actually need it, not for those whose parents are too lazy to work so they are on disability), and guess which items are left all over the school?  The free items...because when you don't pay for something who cares if it is eaten or even thrown away.  I mean sh#t, there is a freaking trash can every twenty feet, but the kids won't even get off their lazy you know what to throw it away.

I even asked one about it lately, and he/she stated it wasn't a big deal.  The janitor would pick it up.  It was their job after all.  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Are you FREAKIN kidding me!  Are you that entitled you would go out of your way to inconvenience another human being?

Then today I had some kids trash an area and squirt an entire bottle of toothpaste in a sink...for real.  Who does that?  Even if I had caught the kid, which I wish I had, then he would have been sent to the dean's, but he doesn't care.  Why should he?  His parent's don't care.  I guess that is why I am writing this... because parent's don't care.

I see these ja' bronies out and about in public, so I get the double dose.  I get to see their kid act out, then realize why when I see the scumbag of an adult.  A lot of parents are not adults anymore.  They are kids running around in adults bodies, but they aren't adults.  Adults don't think like this, or at least they are not supposed to.

Adults put others needs before themselves, adults aren't rude just because they think they are owed something.  If you are a real adult, then start acting like it!

If you don't contribute something valuable to the market and you can, then stop sitting on you a$$ and get a job.  I'm tired, as is half of America, of you receiving government assistance because guess what...its not the governments money dingle berry.  ITS MY MONEY!  ITS YOUR NEIGHBORS MONEY WHO GOES TO WORK EVERYDAY, AND ITS THE MOTHER F'N JANITORS MONEY THAT CLEANS UP YOUR KIDS CRAP BECAUSE YOUR KID DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE FRICK A TRASH CAN IS!

Stop making it soooo hard to get ahead in this country, or at the very least stop yelling at the cashier because that person has more class than you will ever have.  Stop being a piece of S#$T and treating people like S&^T.  Most of us have had it.  We won't take it anymore.  If you want to live in miserable conditions, then keep it to yourself, because the rest of us won't join you.  We have more heart in us, and more desire, and more fight then you.  WE WILL WIN!  When you are ready to join us fine, we'd like that, but until then...

if you are one of those adults who needs to grow up and refuses, punch yourself in the face.  It will save the rest of us the trouble of doing it for you.

Nailed it! 

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