Phew.  It has been a while since I have had time to sit down and let my fingers unleash some creativity (or garbage:) upon my dell.  The reason I have been long to post is that I have been busy establishing a routine since summer has ended and school has resumed. 

Here is an example of what my life currently looks like

5:15: Wake up/Read
5:30: Work out
7:00: Shower and get ready to work
7:20: Work day begins
3:30: Work day ends
4:00: Get home and prep dinner
5:00: Eat dinner
6:00: Clean up/Other chores, usually outside work
7:00: Watch an hour of t.v. or so (depends on what shows are on)
8:30: Shower and off to bed/Read
9:30: Finish reading/Lights out/Sleep

Looking at my routine after having typed it out is kind of weird.  I know that I do all of these things on a daily basis and it is kind of what makes me who I am.  I am slightly OCD so having a routine is very important because I feel more successful when I stick to a routine.  I also believe a routine helps with discipline and I love having discipline in my life.

Although many do not see discipline as pleasant, I take comfort in knowing that a little pain now makes for a better tomorrow.  I also feel that discipline makes the sweetness in life that much sweeter.

For Example: If I ate steak everyday I would tire of it and chowing down on a nice T-Bone would lose the excitement it normally brings.  If I hold off and only eat steak once in a while not only do I get the dietary benefits, and the "new/special" taste benefit, but I also receive the anticipation/reward.  It is almost like I allow myself a trophy for being good and waiting.  I know this sounds childish, but trust me it works.  Try it.  The next time you want to buy or eat something you know you shouldn't, throw in a stipulation.  ie... If I make an extra $500 next month I can buy myself that $100 dollar weather tech jacket I have been eying.

So I guess that is today's post.  Not real deep or mind blowing.  Simple to read, simple to apply, see you next time, bye.  

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