Unexpected Surprise

Hmmm you may be thinking as you read the title.  I wonder if the surprise is anything good.  Maybe a birthday cake.  Maybe some found money.  Maybe the surprise is "everyone gets a car!!!!"  Sorry Oprah.  Just had to.

Nope.  The surprise is not actually a good thing.  I received in the mail an unexpected bill for $565.  Ouch.  That hurt.  That actually really hurt because we had to take part of the money out of our emergency fund.  I admit, I kind of freaked out over it.  The worst part is the bill really wasn't that unexpected.  It was for car insurance that is due every six months.  I had gotten slazish (lazy/slacker) and forgotten to calculate the amount of money needed to be put away every month so that the car(s) insurance could be paid.  Dave Ramsey would say that I just paid some stupid tax. 

Some of you may be saying it is ONLY five hundred bucks.  Some of you may tell me it isn't that big of a deal because we have an emergency fund and can pay for it.  Some of you may say that it isn't worth the stress I put upon myself by freaking out.

All of you are right in relation to the money issue.  If the problem were only the money then it wouldn't be that big of a deal.  After all we owed the money, we payed the money, end of story.  The issue is not however the money.  The real issue that I freaked out over was my lack of involvement with the budget so I didn't even see it coming.  Just like when Lloyd got robbed in dumb and dumber by the old lady on the motorized scooter.  He didn't see it coming either.

What is the point of this small, poorly written article?  Stay on top of it!  Don't let yourself slip into thinking you are doing o.k.  You can celebrate successes, but you have to remain hungry.  Always make sure you are paying attention or otherwise life is going to kick you in the gonads. 

So to make it short and sweet (parody Dos Equis) Stay thirsty my friends, thirsty for success.  

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