Goals for the Year 2017

Most people have already made and given up their New Years resolutions by this point...whereas I'm just starting.  Procrastination for the win I suppose.


1. Make an additional 10k of unplanned income: This goal is pretty lofty for our family but with my wife's bonus and my random side hustles I'm aiming to make an extra 10k this year.

2.  Pay our mortgage down below $100,000:  This goal is incredibly unlikely to happen as we sit currently at $148k, but that's no reason we shouldn't try extremely hard to eliminate our arch nemesis!

3.  End the year with 15k in the bank:  Lately we've been waffling between 5 and 15k for our emergency fund.  This is mostly due to us cash flowing my schooling.  Although I won't be done I'm hoping we can find the discipline this year to build up extra cash reserves and keep them:)

4.  Shore up my retirement/estate planning:  This probably means I need to get a will set up and more life insurance...oh and speaking of insurance I should probably check all that out as well.  You know, an annual checkup sort of thing to make sure all areas are covered sufficiently.  I also need to reexamine my retirement plan and look at all the accounts and numbers.  I need to also explain it all to my wife so that if I die I could rest easy knowing she has a good grasp on how it all works.


1.  Run a marathon:  This item has been on my list for a very long time and unfortunately I can no longer delay the inevitable.  Mostly because my wife signed me up as a birthday present.  What kind of sicko signs their husband up for a marathon as a birthday present?  Especially their 30th birthday.  Doesn't she realize my best days are behind me?  Or perhaps that is why she signed me up in the first place.  She's attempting to collect that sweet sweet insurance money once I croak from training.

2. Seek God First, and my wife second:  As a Christian I need to recede ate myself to the Lord.  Ever since my mid twenties I've been floundering in my faith like a fish out of water.  This year is the year that I change that.  No other goal is as important as this one.  Also this year I look to rekindle my marriage.  My wife has been telling me it's a bit stale lately and I tend to agree.  As the leader it is my duty to get my but in gear and show her I still love her (which I do of course).

3.  Complete my Masters classes with all A's:  so far all I've gotten are A's, but right now I'm taking 3 classes and work is really wearing thin on me.  I'm going to try my best to maintain a 4.0 but I'm not promising anything.

4.  Complete more than 28 blog posts this year:  The first year of this blog, 2014, I published 28 posts.  The content was poorly written and often had grammatical errors.  The next year I wrote 20 and in 2016 I penned 1 measly post.  Even though I didn't continue with my other blogs after OSC I did become a much better writer.  It is my goal to take that skill and create better content and more content...more better content if you will.


So that wraps up my goals for the year.  I hope your goals are being met as we speak and please berate me when I fail to meet mine.  A sharp stick will keep me on the straight and narrow.

OSC out!


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