What is up with all the Whining?

10/2/15.  That is how long ago I began this post.  Admittedly I only got as far as the title.  BUT that is how long I have been thinking about the issue of whining in America.

*And no this post isn't whining about whining, so shove it haters.  It's a rant, and if you think its whining you are probably someone who needs to read and take heart of what I am about to say...

Today more than ever we have an epidemic in America.  The whiner.  The whiner has infected our schools and brought about the downfall of public education.


Well let me tell you.

The whiner is an expert at getting something that he/she does not deserve.  Here is a typical day in the life of a whiny butt student, Winnie.

Winnie the whiner wakes up when he/she feels like.  Winnie slowly drags him/herself to school and enters 1/2 hour late.  Not a problem, Winnie thinks, I'll just go grab my free breakfast and then head to class. 

Winnie enters the lunch room and finds it half full because all the other whiners have awoken late too.  She sits down and munches on her free pop tarts while casually tossing the wrapper over her shoulder.  Then she takes the juice box with her to class.  It doesn't make it to class though because its too cold in poor little Winnie's hand.  So instead of tossing it in the nearest trash receptacle (no more than 30 yards away) she throws it on the ground.

Winnie strolls into 1st hour just as the bell is ringing for 2nd hour.  Winnie walks up to her teacher and demands her homework.  Browbeaten by the policies, administration, and general disrespect the teacher simply hands Winnie the work and tells her to turn it in as soon as possible.  Winnie will turn it in eventually, but when she is good and ready.  Thanks to a new policy she can turn it whenever you wants for full credit.

Winnie proceeds to skip 2nd - 4th hour and then eat her free lunch, or at least part of it.  The peaches she doesn't like so she throws them at one her classmates.  The deans are far too busy to deal with such a "minor" offense so they look the other way.

After lunch Winnie complains to her P.E. teacher that her outfit was left at home and that she is cramping, and that she fell down the stairs after lunch yadayadayadyada...you get the picture.  The P.E. teacher tells Winnie he doesn't care and that she will be receiving a zero for the day.

Winnie goes and sits down, but uses her cell phone illegally during P.E. to text mom (who just woke up) and complains of the injustice that this teacher dealt her!

The P.E. teacher checks his email and sees a note from the mom that sounds quite angry.  Why would you do this to my kid!!!???  She left her clothes here, and isn't feeling good, and fell down the stairs!!!???  Expletive, cuss word, etc...

The administration review the email and force a reversal of the grade.

Winnie continues her day poisoning what classes she goes to with disrespect and disregard of the teachers and other students.  No learning environment is safe with Winnie in it and sadly she isn't alone.  Many other students begin to see that Winnies way is easier.  So they join her.  And soon we are left with a whole society of Winnies.

So whatever you do, wherever you end up, no matter how bad you have it,

DON'T WHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Don't be a Winnie.  Don't give up your power to some half butt cockamamie excuse.  Don't give in.  Don't take the easy way out.  And do not for one second think your actions don't affect others.  Winnies actions have far reaching economical realities.

When she takes that free breakfast and lunch she didn't earn and doesn't actually need because her mom is too lazy to work then she causes a burden on the rest of society. 

When she throws that juice down she causes extra work for the student with the disability who cleans up the lunch room.

When she uses her free cell phone she causes all the other cell phone bills to go up (universal access fee my a$$).

When she treats her teachers poorly she encourages others to do so in her class and she disrupts the learning that would be taking place.

So don't whine and don't let other people in your life whine.  Hold them accountable.  If you see someone taking advantage of the system you get about the business of getting up in their face and telling them off. 

We have a problem America!  Let's get our $hit together and throw it out.

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