Cowboys Fan Here: I admit, it's sad.

Yes.  I admit I am a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Yes, I also admit this fact makes me sad some times.  Usually it is because for some reason the Cowboys will throw a game away in the fleeting seconds of the fourth quarter.  Sometimes it is because despite the hype, I know that this season can't possibly be "the season."

Well today we have hit a new low Cowboy nation.  I'm not sad because we are losing, in fact quite the opposite is true.  We are winning.  Do I buy into it yet...what can I say?  We beat the Sea-hawks and they seem pretty legit to me.

No.  The simple reason I am sad is because of THIS.  That is correct, we employ a thief.  Not even a grand thief, or a smart thief, but some guy who steals underwear and a sample bottle of cologne.  Sadly he makes 495 large a year.  In other terms, four hundred and ninety five thousand FREAKING DOLLARS!  Was he stealing because he couldn't afford the items?  I doubt it.  More than likely it probably is a habit.

Regardless of all that, it got me to thinking of what I would do if I made 495k a year...

So here is what I would do if I had a salary of 495k for only one year.

Now I don't really want to get very complicated with this answer since it is just a quick post, but lets assume I paid 25% in taxes and ended up taking home $371,250.  I don't really like that number so lets just round down and make it $370,000 or $370k for short.

Lets say on average I spend $48,000 a year for all of my expenses, including house payment, lights, food, etc.  I take my $370k and pay $48,000.  I am left with $322,000.  Dang.  What do I do now?

I guess I could pay off my house.  I have approximately $165,000 left on the house, after paying my mortgage off that leaves me with $157,000.  Then I would probably set up a car fund, and for me a super nice used car would probably be about 20k.  I would still drive my current car until it crapped out, I just want to be prepared!

Now I have $137,000.  Hmmm... well lets beef up the emergency fund to 20k too.

$117,000 still left.  I guess I could set aside 15k for a nice vacation my wife wants to go on.  Down to $102,000...

Whoops.  Almost forgot the tithe.  10% of the original number comes out to $37,000.  So now I'm down to $65, this is getting difficult.  I guess if I really wanted to splurge I could have someone finish our basement off for 40-50k.  That would leave me with 15k.

I really don't have anything left to do with that 15k so I would probably just give it away:)

Here is the breakdown of what I would have accomplished with a 495k salary...
1. House completely paid for with finished basement...
2. Emergency Fund of 20k
3. Car Fund of 20k
4. 15k for nice vacation with the wife
5. Gifts and tithe of 52k
6. Living expenses of 48k

Well I think that pretty much sums it up.  Exciting.  Nope.  Some may ask why I didn't invest any of the money (or why my math may be slightly off lol)?  I would reply that with all that I accomplished I could invest a lot more of my future income due to the fact that my house would be paid off.  This is just a silly fun make believe game any way so lay off me ya Kill Joys! 

*Side note: Tony Romo if you wanna toss me the 495k that is laying around in your sweat pockets, feel free:) 

P.S.  Tony, I would also settle for an autographed jersey from the future super bowl MVP.  HOW BOUT' THEM COWBOYS!

What would you do with 495k a year?


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