National Cat Day

Somewhere I read that it is national cat day.  Do I know if this is  Am I going to take this time to shamelessly promote my cat and post a picture of him?

Does that answer your question?

So what does my cat bring to the table other than furballs, pooping near the litter box if it is not to his specifications, and costing me money?

I could answer cuteness, but that sounds pretty fru fru.  I think I will go with a NATURAL BORN KILLER.  That's right.  My cat, Fitzgerald, is a death machine.  He is a mouse's worse nightmare.  If you happen to be a bug in the wrong place, Fitz might kill you too.  Because of this, Fitz is my pal.  He makes sure the mice don't come in, and I make sure he has a nice place to sleep.

So in honor of national cat day, and his birthday which was a week ago (1 year old), I salute you Fitzgerald.  May you bring many years of happiness to our family, and many rodents to their death!



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