Up to no good...

What have I been up to lately?  I certainly haven't written in a while, and find myself sliding through October with a bit of laziness in regards to this blog.

Work: So outside of this blogging gig, (which I don't actually do for the $), I have a full time job.  My job takes up a lot of time, but lucky for me I love my profession.  Teaching is always pretty fulfilling, and even though it sucks sometimes, it really makes me happy when I think about it.  So even though their are long hours spent grading, writing, and thinking up new curriculum, it sure is a blast when a kid tells you they enjoy your class.

Blogs: I have not been writing on my blog...but I have been reading other blogs.  It is in fact a little bit of an addiction.  I don't know if I'm addicted to reading the other pf bloggers, but I do know that I am addicted to giving my mind a workout and learning new information that helps me conquer life (cue evil muhahahhahaha!)  I also recently started reading the wall street journal's guide to personal finance that they put out years ago and the information I'm ingesting really remains valid today.

Football: Admittedly a time waster, I love football.  I love football so much I indulge in playing fantasy football.  Something about the speculation of numbers, stats, etc...gives me a little high.  This is also why I don't gamble, because I know it would be easy for me to become addicted.  Luckily the only thing Fantasy Football costs me is time, and I can stop anytime I want, I swear:)  Watching the games on Sunday/Thursday also takes time, but it is a great relaxer.  I also recently got a shout out from J. Money about me being a cowboys fan.  I don't know if he was trying to rub it in that his redskins beat my cowboys like a grand canyon donkey, but I'll take it.  So I'm giving a shout out to J. Money and his recent POST, about how he became a millionaire at age 27!  That is great, and I give him my sincerest congrats.  Although I'm his age, I'm a long way off from that mark and I know what kind of dedication it takes to keep pressing on towards such a huge goal.

No Good: O.k.  So now that you have had your readers fill of fluff and good stuff, we turn to a more serious topic.  How is all of this mediocrity affecting me?  If you guessed poorly, then congrats you won the prize.  Even though I wasn't participating in "harmful activities" i.e. drinking while driving, I wasn't choosing to be very purposeful in my actions.

In other words, I have been letting life happen to me.  This is not a good thing.  Whenever you let life happen to you, be ready for a whoopin'.

I am not saying that watching football, reading blogs, or working is bad.  In fact, I believe all of these activities to be very beneficial.  I do not believe that letting them happen is without benefit either.  What I do know is that I tend to be "up to no good" when I don't have a plan and carry along about my merry way.  It may seem good for a while, but eventually without a plan you will fall off track.  Luckily I realized this after only one month of bad behavior.  If I hadn't the results could have been disastrous.

So remember that planning activities, and even your leisurely activities, is beneficial.  Planning always yields a result, whether good or bad, and usually results in critical thinking.  Critical thinking obviously is a great tool to develop and utilize.  Then you won't have to worry about being "up to no good."

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Ben(jamin!) Franklin

10/29 update* P.S.  Ironic that I mention Benjamin, because I just got mentioned on the Stacking Benjamins podcast!!!  Woohoo...I'm a little behind on my listening but the putting yourself through college without debt episode is where my review of the show is actually read, on the show.  Sound confusing?  Well just listen when there is about 17 minutes left and you will hear a review by OLDSCHOOL27, and yep that's me!

Also you should listen to the podcast just because its great as well!  Here is the LINK.


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