Old Schools Net Worth Update: September Edition

*For those of you astute readers out there you may have noticed that I changed my last net worth post to read first edition.  I did this because I miss wrote September when in fact September had not yet happened.  So without further ado here is the September issue of Old School's net worth...

Hot off of Mints' press reveals that my net worth is now...


O.k.  Well lets see where I was last month...


That is an improvement of...

+ $2650.93

Woohoo!  O.k.  It may not be hitting the jackpot, but it is a step in the right direction.  How did this change occur?

1. Payed down the mortgage a little (We always put a little extra on our mortgage).
2. Saved some money and hit our $5000 in savings goal
3. Carpooled to work and spent less on fuel

The vehicles we currently own did not really depreciate, which doesn't really matter to us because we plan on driving them until they die.   

My ROTH actually went up by about $20 and my wife's 401k went down by about a $100 bill.

I have NOT YET accomplished my goal of meeting with a rep that is in charge of my 403b, BUT I did schedule a meeting with him for this next week.  I will meet my goal for September in October...better late then never.

We blew our savings goal out of the water quite by accident.  Last time I posted that I wanted to have at least $5000 in savings.  We actually now have $6501.27 in savings.  We accomplished this by overpaying into escrow for property  taxes.  Whoops...but at least this was not a major bleepity bleep whoops that causes heart stress, this was a calming whoops.  So we ended up with an extra $1500 being deposited into our savings account.


1. So now that we have $6500 in savings I want to shoot for $7000.  It is only about $500 away and I want to keep saving until we reach 10-15k.

2. Complete my goal that I set up last month and figure out what the heck is going on with my 403b...I need to take charge!

3. We reduced spending last month so I would say we should continue to look for ways to cut costs in our budget or increase the amount of tax shelterd dollars we are putting away.  I really should look into my companies HSA and other avenues to save some cash.

4. I also talked last time about making mo money!  Well I haven't made anything yet but I have started to de-clutter my house and taken on the CRAIGSLIST RULE!  If you don't know about this I suggest you head of to J. Money's page and check it out.  The premise is that you turn your garbage into gold and rid your house of junk at the same time.

That is all for now friends, but don't count me down and out yet.



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